Front Porch Tablescape

I think the weather has finally warmed up enough for us to start enjoying spending more time outside. The temperatures have been all over the place this spring, but it is finally starting to feel like May in Georgia. Now that pollen season is finally over (for the most part), I thought I would do some spring cleaning on my front porch. I decided to start with my bakers rack, which is covered in … [Read more...]

Container Gardening with the Southern Living Plant Collection

Southern Living has always been my favorite magazine and I have been reading it for years. They have so many great articles on decorating, gardening, and traveling in the South.  Last fall I visited their Idea House in Nashville and it was beautiful. In addition to publishing the magazine, Southern Living has been selling its own collection of plants since 2008. While I had seen them before at … [Read more...]

Updating Candle Holders with Paint

I have had these brown, wood-tone candle holders for years and they have looked good on the mantle above my fireplace. Well, you know how it day it looks fine and the next day you are just ready for a change. That was the case with these candle holders and it was so easy to update them with just a little paint. I bought a small sample container of Soft Muslin by Valspar from … [Read more...]

ASO’s Grand Salon by Barbara Westbrook

The Atlanta Symphony Orchstra's Decorators' Show House features the work of so many talented designers that I just haven't stopped writing about it. I wrote an article that featured the entire house two weeks ago and last week I wrote about two of my favorite rooms. Here is one more favorite. How is it possible to have so many favorite rooms in one house? Well, if you take the time to tour the … [Read more...]

ASO’s Blue and White Family Room by Timothy Corrigan

I have always loved a classic blue and white color scheme in a room and this beautiful room by Timothy Corrigan is an outstanding example of how to use these two colors together. Corrigan decorated the family/living room at this year's Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Decorators' Show House. Last week I toured the Show House and I wrote an overview about the house on Saturday and yesterday I … [Read more...]

ASO Show House Teenage Girl Room

Last week I wrote about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Decorators' Show House that I got to tour during their media event. Today I am going to feature one of my favorite rooms in the house. This room was designed by Tish Mills and she designed it for her sixteen-year-old daughter. I love the colors, textures, and fabrics in this room and I think any girl (teenage or adult) would love to have … [Read more...]

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Decorators’ Show House

I highly recommend touring the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Show House this year. It is absolutely gorgeous. It opened today and runs through May 18th. I got to tour the house on Thursday during their media event and was very impressed. This year's show house is located on West Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. Formerly known as the "Pink Palace," this Italian-Baroque style house was built in the … [Read more...]

Fairburn Antique Mall

I enjoy shopping at antique stores and I try to visit antique shops in other cities when I am travelling. When I am home though, I like to visit the Fairburn Antique Mall in Fairburn, Georgia. I used to work in Peachtree City and would drive by this store on my way to work almost every day. I never shopped there though until my friend Anne opened a booth in the store. She took me there one day … [Read more...]

Tablescape Ideas from Woodstock Market

I got some great tablescape ideas this weekend while visiting Woodstock Market. I brought my children with me this time because we wanted to check out their outdoor craft day exhibits. It was chilly outside when we arrived so we decided to look around the store for a while in hopes that the weather would get warmer while we were inside. This table was one of the first things we saw when we entered … [Read more...]

How to Make a Fabric Skirt for a Flower Vase

Spring is finally here and we will have lots of pretty flowers in our yard soon. In the meantime though, I decided to purchase some fresh flowers for our home. Have you ever noticed though how sometimes the water in your clear vases doesn't always look so good? It can get cloudy and dirty pretty quickly and I for one do not change the water as often as I should. Well today I have a solution for … [Read more...]