Unlock the Full Potential of Netflix: 5 Must-Try Features and How to Use Them

Ethan Miller

Netflix has become a go-to source for entertainment for millions of people around the world. Although it is known for its extensive library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, this streaming platform offers numerous features that can enhance the viewing experience.

In this article, we will explore five of these must-try features on Netflix and delve into how you can use them for an optimal streaming session. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s dive in!

1. Enhance Your Screen Experience with Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever found yourself fumbling around with the mouse mid-movie or show? By using keyboard shortcuts, you can easily control your screen settings without interrupting your viewing experience.

Pause/Play (Spacebar)

Tap the spacebar to pause, then press it again to play.

Volume Up/Down (Up/Down Arrow Keys)

To turn the volume up or down, press the upward and downward arrow keys on your keyboard.

Mute Toggle (M)

Should any sudden interruptions come along, hit the ‘M’ key to mute and unmute the audio quickly.

Full Screen (F)

No more searching for that tiny full-screen button. Just hit the ‘F’ key and enjoy an enveloping cinematic experience. To exit full screen, simply press the same button again.

Fast Forward/Rewind (Shift + Right/Left Arrow Keys)

If you missed a scene or want to skip ahead, use the ‘Shift’ key and left/right arrow keys simultaneously to rewind or fast forward in 10-second intervals.

Page Up/Down

Looking for a smoother scrolling experience through Netflix’s extensive catalog? The ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDn’ keys can help you effortlessly navigate up and down their content library.

By familiarizing yourself with these keyboard shortcuts, your Netflix viewing sessions will become more seamless and effortless than ever before.

2. Customize Your Subtitle Appearance

If you’re among those who rely on subtitles while watching movies or shows, did you know that Netflix allows you to personalize the appearance of the captions on-screen? Follow these steps to make your subtitles clearer and more visually appealing:

  1. Navigate to ‘Account Settings.’
  2. Select ‘Subtitle Appearance.’
  3. Choose from several customization options such as font, text color, size, and background opacity.
  4. Save your preferences and enjoy your newly customized captions.

This feature ensures that the onscreen text doesn’t distract from the visual elements of what you are watching, providing a perfect balance between information and entertainment.

3. Set up Multiple Profiles and Parental Controls

Sharing Netflix with family members, friends, or roommates? It’s wise to create individual profiles for each person. This helps maintain separate watch histories, personal recommendations, and settings – ensuring an uninterrupted and tailored streaming experience for all users.

To set up a new profile:

  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the main screen.
  • Select ‘Manage Profiles.’
  • Click on ‘Add Profile’ and follow the prompts to customize the experience (choosing profile name, icon, maturity level).

Parental Controls

If you have children at home, setting up parental controls on your Netflix account is essential. Parental controls allow you to restrict access to content based on age ratings, ensuring your kids only watch shows and movies appropriate for their age group.

To set up parental controls:

  1. Go to account settings.
  2. Select the profile you want to add restrictions to.
  3. Under ‘Profile & Parental Controls,’ click ‘Change’ next to viewing restrictions.
  4. Set a PIN and choose the desired content restriction levels.

By customizing profiles and adding parental controls, everyone can enjoy worry-free streaming tailored to their preferences.

4. Discover Hidden Categories with Secret Codes

As vast as it may be, Netflix’s catalog of content can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to sift through. Fortunately, Netflix uses secret codes that correspond to particular categories – even those not visible in the main interface. You can use these codes in the browser’s address bar to explore specific genres or subcategories.

For example, if you enter “www.netflix.com/browse/genre/” followed by the code corresponding to “Classic Comedies,” you will see titles available within this category.

A quick search online will provide comprehensive lists of these codes for all types of genres – so wait no more and start exploring hidden gems within Netflix’s vast library!

5. Optimize Video Playback with Browser Extensions

You can enhance your streaming experience even further by using browser extensions designed specifically for Netflix. Some popular options include:

Super Netflix

This extension offers features such as customizable video playback speed, automatic skipping of intros and recaps, and presetting the desired subtitle language. However, Super Netflix is presently available only on Google Chrome.

NFLX Multi Subs (Netflix Multi Subtitles)

If you are learning a new language or simply prefer watching movies with multiple subtitles simultaneously, this extension can be quite useful. NFLX Multi Subs lets you display up to three different subtitles on screen at the same time.


Despite being available exclusively on Safari, Trim works wonders in enhancing Netflix’s user interface. It provides additional categories, recommendations from IMDb ratings, and Rotten Tomatoes scores – making it easier for you to choose what to watch next!

While selecting these browser extensions, make sure they are compatible with your current browser, so you get the most out of these helpful tools.

With these five Netflix features in hand, you’re all set to redefine your streaming experience and get the best out of this popular digital entertainment platform. Don’t delay – try out these tricks today and transform your viewing sessions into truly immersive experiences!

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