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Recovering a Sewing Chair

A couple of years ago I bought a sewing table, cutting table, and a rolling storage chair for my sewing room at my neighbor’s yard sale. I was so excited to get these pieces. I had recently gotten more interested in sewing and thought they would be the perfect addition …

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Christmas Nativity

Every year my girls and I look forward to decorating for Christmas and one of our favorite decorations is the Christmas nativity. Perhaps I should say this in plural because we have several that we put out. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ so what better decoration is …

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Shopping for Fabric

I have always enjoyed going to fabric stores. My hometown has a JoAnn’s but sometimes I want more selection, especially when shopping for home décor fabric. Luckily my best friend makes custom window treatments for a living and a few years ago she took me to an awesome fabric store. …

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Cat Diaries

Well, you were going to find out soon enough. Not that I was trying to hide it. But yes, I am a cat person. My children are cat people. We all love cats. How many cats do I have you’re asking? Six. Yes I said six. There’s Bluebell, Mayble, Sapphire, …

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