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Artwork at Scott Antique Market

While you can always find plenty of beautiful antiques at Scott Antique Market, you may not realize that it is also a great place to find both antique and new artwork. There are even some dealers who only sell artwork. You can find both prints and original pieces and the prices are all over the place.

Here are some pieces that I saw this month (and these were just in the south building).

This beautiful painting (with an equally beautiful frame) was tucked behind some tole trays and antique glassware.

This is a sweet print of a lady in a blue dress.

Birds and butterflies.

Pretty greens in this print.

There are several vendors who sell beautiful paintings (and prints) of coastal birds and scenery.

Vintage ship prints.



This booth had lots of original artwork in many different styles.

And here is my favorite. This oil painting was just beautiful and had the prettiest shades of greens in it. It was large (probably about three feet by four feet) and had a gorgeous frame. It was out of my price range though at four hundred fifty dollars. I don’t think the price was outrageous, it was just more than I was willing to spend.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, these were just some of the pieces that were in the south building. There are also some really great art vendors in the north building and I will try to take some photos of some of their artwork next month.



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