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Scott Antique Market January 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Last week I shopped Scott Antique Market’s first Atlanta show of the year. It was a good show and many of my favorite vendors were there. The weather was surprisingly nice on Thursday, although it got pretty bad on Friday and Saturday. It was probably a tough weekend for the outside vendors.

There were lots of beautiful pieces of furniture on display.

Such a nice antique furniture sample sitting on top of an antique dresser/commode.

Charming 1930s light fixtures for only $45 each.

So many beautiful blue and white patterns.

This typewriter was in excellent condition and was priced at $125. I have never paid that much for a small Remington. I wonder if she was able to sell it for that price.

Barley twist candlessticks.

A gorgeous wall-mounted bookcase.

One of my favorite dealers, John Crews, had some beautiful inkstands in his booth. This one features inlaid brass on the sides. He always share the most interesting stories about the items that he sells. He is located in the north building.

A wonderful collection of English antiques.

Beautiful sterling flatware.

These serving pieces were approximately $75 each.

Such a lovely display of antique leather books.

This lady always has everything in her booth marked 50 percent off.

Jan Agnello, of Storyology Designs, had these beautiful necklaces that she had made. The one in the middle is actually made from an antique perfume bottle.

This booth is run by a family based in Douglasville, Georgia. They have hundreds of beautiful prints featuring birds, other wildlife, plants, and flowers. You can buy their pieces framed or unframed.

This display cabinet was made in the 1930s and was in excellent condition.

Some fun vintage vanity pieces.

Debbie, of Chelsea Manor Home, always has some of the prettiest displays and beautiful antiques. This month’s booth featured colorful hints of Spring.

Gorgeous set of hand-painted, antique fish plates and platter. This set was priced at $125.

This was an interesting collection of antique strawberry pin cushions and thimbles. Most of them were priced around $125.

These quilts were in the same booth.

The box in the center of this display (with the picture of a woman on it) is a Victorian celluloid box. I recently purchased a collection of them from an estate sale. This was priced around $60.

And what did I purchase? This antique copy of  John Wesley’s Journal. It was published in 1827 and is a part of a four volume set of journals that he kept during his travels in the 1700s. I am looking forward to reading this journal. I purchased it from Debbie with Chelsea Manor Home.

That’s it for January’s Scott Antique Market. Let me know if you attended and what you bought.






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  1. Oh, my some gorgeous items and varied vendors. Those fish plates were a steal…I had some palpitations over so many items. We don’t see those type of antiques here in the Midwest. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I almost started to drool when I saw the booth with all of the blue and white china! At least shopping vicariously doesn’t cost me anything! Loved the high boy with that gorgeous woodgrain! Also liked the box with the woman’s picture you pointed out! Winter in Maine limits our “roadtrips” when weather is iffy. Cabin fever is setting in! Need a fix of antique/vintage!

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