Eight Flags Antique Market in Fernandina Beach

Last month while visiting with family in south Georgia, I had the opportunity to tour the Southern Living Idea House. It was absolutely gorgeous. After touring the home, we went with my sister-in-law and toured the town of Fernandina Beach in northern Florida. I found a great antique shop called Eight Flags Antique Market.

It was a little bit on the dark and crowded side but full of great antique and vintage items. They had a good selection and most of what I saw was true antique and vintage and not reproductions like you see in so many “antique”  stores these days. Eight Flags has been in business for nearly three decades. They have 35 dealers and approximately 300 consignors.

Here are some photos of what we saw that day.

This was a beautiful piece.

Nice old wooden file boxes.

A couple of typewriters.

I seem to always notice the paint-by-numbers. I will share some with you soon that I bought at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. I think this one was around fifteen dollars.

Some mid-century rattan/bamboo furniture.



An elaborate mirror.

Pretty colors and displays.

A vintage beaded purse.

Turtle art.


There were some interesting pieces on display in this cabinet.

Two very nice antique secretaries. I like the arched top on the one on the left, but gorgeous patina on the one on the right makes it my favorite.

I thought this was a very nice antique shop. They had a good variety of inventory and the prices were typical antique store prices. There are lots of great restaurants and shops in this area. You could definitely make a fun day of shopping and dining in Fernandina Beach. We had some delicious seafood at Brett’s Waterway Cafe. It’s located right on the water and we watched the birds and boats while we ate.

Eight Flags Antiques is located at 602 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida. Call (904) 277-8550 for additional information.

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