A Collection of Rolling Pins

Last week I shared photos from the estate sale I visited in Lithia Springs. I mentioned that the homeowner collected rolling pins, more than two hundred rolling pins! I shopped the last day of the sale and there were still about sixty to seventy of them still available.

I guess you could say I did my part because I bought nine of them. I plan on selling two of them on etsy and I am going to keep the rest. I currently have the wooden ones in a brass coal scuttle and the porcelain ones are still wrapped until I can figure out how I want to display them.

Here are the wooden ones.


I bought two blue ones. It’s hard to pick which one is my favorite. They are both so pretty.

This one is so simple and such a pretty shade of blue.

And I really liked the color and pattern on this one.

This one was made by the Harker Company in the 1940s. It is hollow and has a cork on one end. It was designed to be filled with ice water. This help keeps the dough cold and easier to work with. The decals on this one are in excellent condition.

The next two rolling pins are ones that I plan to sell. The first one is a solid brass rolling pin used for making pasta.

This last one features a design by the famous artist Gabriel Fourmaintraux. It still had the original price tag of $245. It is beautiful and very heavy. I will be listing this one and the brass one on etsy.

That’s it for my collection of rolling pins. I actually already own a couple of rolling pins that I use on a regular basis. The ones that I purchased last week will be for decorative use only. Let me know if you have any ideas for displaying them.





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