Rolling Pin Estate Sale in Lithia Springs

Last weekend I attended a fun estate sale in Lithia Springs, Georgia. I waited until the final (third) day of this sale because I knew everything would be half price. I had checked out the sale earlier in the week on and I could see that it was going to be a good one. As I have recommended in the past, I started in the basement and then worked my way upstairs.

The owner of this home was a true collector. She loved primitives, blue and white china, and most of all, rolling pins. She had a collection of approximately 200 rolling pins! There were so many interesting ones there and I only shopped on the last day. Prices on the rolling pins ranged from ten dollars all the way up to 15o dollars!! I spoke to one of my friends who works for the estate sale company (Lott’s Treasures)  and he told me that most of the 150 dollar rolling pins sold for full price on the first day. It just goes to show you that there are collectors for just about everything.

Add one more collector to the list because I bought nine of them! LOL, I’m not even kidding. I do plan on selling several of them but I am actually excited about displaying the rest of them in my home and have been perusing Pinterest for ideas on how to display rolling pins.

I have begun researching my purchases and it has been so interesting. I purchased traditional wooden rolling pins, porcelain rolling pins, and even a brass rolling pin. I will share photos of my new collection soon.

This home was also full of beautiful Eastlake and Victorian furniture. I have been avoiding buying furniture lately because I just don’t have much space to display or store it. They did have a couple of pieces that I liked though.  This Victorian hall tree was pretty and quite unique. It was only about four-and-a-half feet tall and had very delicate features. I was very interested in it but as much as I liked it, I couldn’t think of somewhere to put it.

This was a nice Eastlake dresser with a lovely collection of vintage perfume bottles. I had a dresser like this in my antique booth a couple of years ago. It was so pretty but it took forever to sell even when I marked it down a lot.

I wish I had bought this shelf. Normally I am not in favor of painting antique pieces but I thought this one would look great painted.  This isn’t the best quality photo but the shininess is real, not a reflection. It looked like it had been refinished and covered with a super shiny sealer.

As I mentioned earlier, they had a nice collection of Blue Willow and other blue and white pieces. I thought this Dachshund relish dish was cute. They actually had two of them but they both had damage to one of the sections.

This was a really nice spice rack. It had been one hundred dollars so it was fifty the day that I was there.

More blue and white pieces.

I thought this was a cute display.

And here are some of the rolling pins that I saw. They probably had about sixty or seventy left on the day that I was there. I ran into two of my friends at the sale and they were buying rolling pins too.

The glass ones are designed to be filled with ice water. This is done to help keep the dough cold when you are working with it.

I really liked the ones that were made from one solid piece of wood.

These two are porcelain. The floral one is from the forties.

These are harder to see because I took the photos in the basement but the rolling pins pictured below are specialized ones. The bottom one is used to cut out squares of pasta for making ravioli. It was about three feet long.

More specialized and decorative rolling pins.

It was a great sale and in hindsight I wish I had purchased more of the rolling pins (to keep and to resell). I have never seen that many in one place, much less so many unique ones. It’s always interesting to see what people collect. This lady obviously had a passion for rolling pins and I think she must have traveled a good bit to acquire such a diverse collection. I am looking forward to displaying the ones that I purchased and I will be keeping an eye out for them from now on when I am shopping at antique stores and estate sales so that I can possibly add to my new collection. Do any of you collect rolling pins or have any ideas for displaying them?


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