Successful Weekend at Woodstock Market’s Junk Day

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Woodstock Market is one of my favorite places to shop. The store is beautiful and full of gorgeous antiques, as well as stylish new items. They have great special events including a fun Christmas party with a big window reveal. They are the home store of Rethunk Junk Paints, and they have awesome monthly events.

One of the cool events that takes place monthly from March through October is Junk Day. It occurs on the third Saturday of the month. Junk day takes place in the parking lot and allows you to sell almost anything you want (no clothes or shoes). It is billed as an opportunity to get rid of possessions you no longer need or like. A lot of the people who set up are dealers who are clearing excess inventory from their booths or just regular people cleaning out their homes.

While I have shopped at junk day several times this month was the first time that I set up to sell my own things. I was pleased with my sales for the day and I would definitely do it again. With help from my daughter and husband I successfully priced everything and loaded it all in my van the night before. We fit quite a bit into the van.

I got up early and headed to Woodstock. I arrived at 8 AM. The store opens at 10 so I thought I would be one of the early birds. Wrong! At 8 o’clock I would say that approximately 80 percent of the dealers were already completely set up. Not only that, they were set up in the best spots (obviously).

I hustled and got out all of my tables and items for sale and began setting up my booth.  The space I ended up with was fine. I didn’t like that it was right next to the busy road, mainly because of the noise but I eventually tuned it out as  I got busy.  I was thankful that by around noon the booth had some shade from a crepe myrtle. It would have been miserable without the shade.

The other downside to getting there at 8 was that not only were the dealers already set up, the customers were already there too. This is good and bad. I wanted them there to shop my booth but it definitely made it harder to get everything set up and organized.  I made it work though. I’m not going turn away a customer. LOL

I stayed pretty busy until about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. At that point it really slowed down, a lot. I thought about packing up and leaving early. I asked one of my dealer neighbors who is a regular at junk day and he told me that there is usually a surge of customers during the last 30 minutes so I decided to stay. I had a few more customers after that but there definitely wasn’t a rush. I was already there though and I wanted to bring home as little as possible so I was willing to wait around for the last few customers.

It cost 25 dollars to have a space at Junk Day. The sale takes place in the parking lot and you get one parking space for the 25 dollars. The area is roped off for safety to keep cars out. It seemed like it was pretty popular with customers.

I made  a point of making sure that I had price tags on everything. I also made sure that things were marked up just enough that I could give my customers room to haggle. Most people like to negotiate so I made sure there was room for that in my prices.

The things I was selling were not junk. I had nice vintage and antique type items that I would put into my antique booth (if I still had one). I did price them below antique store prices but definitely higher than yard sale prices. While there was some negotiating, I think many people saw the value in my prices and didn’t ask for any discount. Some things that I had had for a long time I did mark down more just to get them sold.

I was pleased with my sales for the day and I would definitely do it again. I did it by myself which was nice in some ways but it would have also been nice to have someone there with me so I could have taken breaks. I would definitely recommend this especially to antique dealers who want to get rid of old/extra inventory. It is a lot of work since you have to unload and reload everything that day but it was worth it for me.

Woodstock Market is located in Woodstock, Georgia at 5500 Bells Ferry Road. Junk Day is the third Saturday of the month during the months of March through October and the hours are 10-4. You can sign up online on their website. Their number is (770) 517-7771.


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