Unique Finds at Scott Antique Market

I always find lots of things that I want to buy at Scott Antique Market every time I ago. Unfortunately, most of them are out of my budget. This month though I went on Thursday and Friday (I normally only go on Thursday.), and I was quite excited about what I purchased.

First was this beautiful antique French toleware ink well. This piece is quite unique because of its color and details. I have not been able to find anything like it online. I found some French Champleve pieces but they were enamel not tole.


The inkwell is the prettiest shade of green and has a nice gold trim around the edges as well as hand-painted flowers. The removable ink container appears to be original and the whole piece is in incredible condition. I immediately placed it on my writing desk when I got home but only for a short while. I have listed it on etsy. My daughter is going to college in a couple of months and I hope to sell it soon and put the funds towards paying her college fees. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece though and is available here.

When I said unique I wasn’t kidding. This is about as opposite as you can get of a antique French ink well but I really like it too. It is a vintage Barnett & Jaffe slide case with pull out drawers. This luggage style photo slide storage/carrier is made of wood and covered in a tweed fabric. It has two removable Bakelite drawers with thick paper dividers and a Bakelite handle.  It has a cast brass  plaque with the company name attached to the top. The case is very stylish and could be used to store a variety of items.

Here I have it full of buttons. You could even remove the dividers to give yourself even more storage space.


Next up are these pretty little serving dishes. They measure only 8 inches by 6 inches. They are the Shenandoah pattern by Noritake. My husband bought me a set of this discontinued china through Facebook marketplace a couple of years ago. It is so pretty and is a pattern that I have wanted for years. It is an ivory colored bone china with a yellow band and pink flowers. It is such a beautiful and delicate pattern. I found two of these relish/butter dishes at Scott’s and was able to buy them both for six dollars. The dealer told me that he had bought a huge set of the china and somehow it had fallen when he had it on his porch and these were the only two pieces that did not get broken!

This final purchase was definitely unique and I am going to give you some background on it first. My niece is studying to be a veterinarian at the University of Georgia. She volunteers at a veterinarians office whenever she can. Oftentimes people bring in stray, injured, or abandoned baby animals. She will sometimes take them home with her to nurse them back to health and for some reason it seems that she has gotten more than her share of possums and has grown to really like them.

I found this really cool old print of a possum family at Scott’s. While they don’t really look like the possums we have in Georgia, I still thought she would enjoy this matted print. And she did. I gave it to her last weekend just before she left on a trip to do volunteer veterinary medical work in Zimbabwe.

Like I said, it doesn’t look like the possums we normally see around here but it is a very old and interesting print.

There were lots of great deals at Scott’s this month. One I have given as a gift, two I hope to sell, and one I plan to keep (the Shenandoah platters).  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have next month.



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  1. Those are some pretty unique finds. I have yet to venture into an antique market again. I think it’s literally been over 10 years and the last thing I had bought was a book called The Little Lame Prince which I still have somewhere. Thanks for linking up these finds with us at #OMHGWW

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