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Antique Home Arts Needlecrafts and Modern Priscilla Magazines

In my last post I mentioned that I had bought a couple of great items at Scott Antique Market last month. In addition to the really cool wooden box, I also bought some antique and vintage Home Arts Needlecrafts and Modern Priscilla magazines.

Considering the fact that some of these magazines were more than one hundred years old, they were in really great shape. Most of them had at least one or two places in them where the reader had torn out a mail in form for various sewing projects. They measure approximately 14 inches x 11 inches.

There are many of us who collect vintage needle arts such as embroidered napkins, pillowcases, tablecloths, and more. These magazines feature articles and advertisement on many of the pieces you might have in your own collections or find in antique shops or estate sales. It is interesting to think that eighty to one hundred years ago women were enjoying these magazines and ordering these patterns to make beautiful pieces to decorate their homes. These magazines really increased my appreciation for the work that went into the vintage pieces that I enjoy collecting and using around my home.

Modern Priscilla magazine was published from 1887-1930. The magazines that I purchased were from 1913. Not only are the articles interesting and informative, the advertisements are also fun to look at.

At the time these magazines were published, many women were interested in the art of painting china pieces to resell. The cover of one of the magazines shows a woman painting a vase. The magazine featured an article on painting china.

So much work went into the needlework needed to cover a set of dining room chairs.

Look at the beautiful fashions from the early 1900s.

Doily patterns.

The Home Arts Needlecraft  magazine was published from 1909 through 1941. I was really impressed with the artwork on the covers of these magazines. They featured lots of bright colors and creative illustrations.

In addition to articles and advertisements for needlework pieces, there were quite a few fashion articles featuring the latest dress styles. These magazines are just so interesting!

You may recognize some of the patterns featured in these magazines.

They even featured articles for “Junior Needlecrafters.”

I will definitely keep an eye for more of these magazines. Maybe I will find some more of them at Scott’s this week.





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  1. Great finds! I enjoy old magazines, too, but think I enjoy the old linens and textiles even more. Recently bought a package of 2 striped dish towels @ Michael’s made by Aunt Martha. I have tons of old embroidery transfers and want to do some as I haven’t do any in ages! It’s a shame that so many handcraft projects have fallen by the wayside.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I have some of those old transfers but I haven’t tried them yet. The old linens are a favorite of mine and I really enjoyed seeing the original patterns in the magazines.

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