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A Unique Wooden Box Made from Sewing Machine Drawers

I purchased a couple of great items at this month’s Scott Antique Market. There are always so many beautiful items for sale. I found a gorgeous wooden box that I really liked on Saturday and I told myself (and the dealer selling it) that if I made enough sales in my own booth that I would be back for it. Woohoo! As soon as I made the big sale that I was hoping for, I immediately went back in and purchased the box.


I purchased this box from Charles Roth. He is a regular dealer at Scott’s and his booth is located on the very front row in the center in the south building. He had several other pretty wooden boxes but this one was my favorite.

This unique antique wooden box appears to be two stacks of sewing machine drawers that have been joined together. Initially, I thought the size seems a bit too small for that to be the case but when I compared the drawers to some other sewing machine drawers they were slightly smaller and shorter than most sewing machine drawers.  This makes me think that they are actually sewing machine drawers that came with a smaller machine. The overall dimensions of the box is 17 inches tall by 15 inches deep by 12 inches wide.

The wooden box has six drawers. The drawers are marked “Cash Buyers Union.” I did some research on this company but there wasn’t much information out there. I did find out that Cash Buyers Union was a cooperative society started in 1885. They sold a variety of items including saddles, carriages, bicycles, and sewing machines through mail order catalogs. I think they actually sold a variety of sewing machines and I could not find any machines with their name on them, just the drawers. Perhaps they only made sewing machine cabinets.

Whoever made this piece probably used pieces from the sewing table to make the top and bottom. you can see where the two sets of drawers are joined together.

It is a very heavy piece and would be perfect for storing zippers, buttons, or other sewing notions. It would also work great for storing jewelry making supplies. I can also envision it filled with silverware in a dining room. Where am I going to use it? I’m not sure yet. I am still on the fence trying to decide if I will keep or sell it. I have always been drawn to wooden boxes so I would love to find a place for this in my home. It may mean selling something that I already have in order to make space for this gorgeous piece. I will keep you posted.

In my next post I will share the other great item(s) that I found at Scott’s.

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