Selling at Scott Antique Market!!!!!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I will be selling at Scott Antique Market this month (tomorrow)!! My friend Anne has a booth and at the last minute (yesterday) offered to let me share the booth space with her. Needless to say I am super-excited and I am running around gathering and pricing items to go in the booth.

Here are some of the smalls that I will be taking today. My husband is going to load up his trailer tomorrow and help me take some larger furniture pieces. I think I am going to sell both of my card catalog cabinets. I will be posting photos on my Instagram account (southernstylesoutherncharm) if you want to see what makes its way into the booth.

Here are a few quick photos of some of the smalls that will go in the booth. I am still gathering items to sell. I will let you know how it all works out. I am already exhausted because I could barely sleep last night thinking about all I needed to do.

I will be bringing most of my mid century modern MCM TV lamp collection.

Lots of old wooden pieces including some really nice dovetailed boxes and sewing machine drawers and sliders.

Antique mirrors and painted pieces.

Chalkware (Alexander Backer bust)  and Majolica (Native American War Chief planter with match striker).

Barley twist lamps and a barley twist floor lamp (that I haven’t taken photos of yet).

And lots of McCoy and Royal Copley pieces.

This is my first time selling at this kind of market (actually any kind of market). Please let me know if you have any advice on pricing, displaying, promoting, and anything else that I haven’t thought of yet.

Scott Antique Market is located at the Atlanta Expo Center on Jonesboro Road in Atlanta. It takes place in two huge buildings and the buildings are located each side of  the interstate. Hours are 11-6 on Thursday, 9-6 on Friday and Saturday, and 10-4 on Sunday. Admission is five dollars and it includes both buildings and is good for the entire weekend. I will be selling at the outdoor pavilion next to the south building so please stop by if you get the chance.

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