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How to Find the Best Yard Sales in Your Area

I am so glad that yard sale season is finally here. Last weekend there were five neighborhood yard sales in my town! I shopped two of them and found some great deals but I just didn’t have time to make it to all of them. I wish they would schedule them on different weekends. You just can’t go to that many sales in one day, especially when most of them end at one or two in the afternoon.

The sales I shopped this weekend were pretty easy to find. A few days before the sales started, the subdivisions put up huge signs at the entrance to their neighborhoods and you could see them as you drove through town.

But what is the best way yo find sales on a regular weekend? Well years ago, you would have had to look in the local newspaper and more recently craigslist became the place to find sales. Now however there are plenty of websites and apps that can help you find yard sales near you or near where you are travelling to.

You can go onto these sites and look for sales using your town or zip code or you can search for specific items. The sites I am sharing with you today are free for sellers so they are perfect for listing yard sales.

Now a lot of these sites are very similar so you may be wondering which one is the best to use as you are getting ready for a day of shopping.  That is a difficult question to answer because any given seller may use any given site. I suggest checking out all of them at least for a few weeks to see if some of them are more popular in your area. Once you determine which ones are most popular with sellers in your area you can simply stick with what works best for you. I did notice that a few sellers were very thorough and listed with quite a few of the yard sale sites. In my area, and are very popular.

I also think you still need to check craigslist because some people are just not up to date on the newest sites or may not be comfortable using them.

Here are some of the yard sale sites that I have used. A lot of them are very similar to each other.

In addition to the sites I just listed, I also recommend that you join yard sale Facebook groups based in your area. Some of these sites only list individual items but most of them allow members to list actual physical yard sales.

There are a lot of resources for finding yard sales.  I didn’t list them all here. You no longer have to rely on driving around the neighborhood or waiting for the local paper to come out. Some of the sites even have a map feature that allows you organize the sales based on the best driving route. That is so cool, right? Where do you go to find the best yard sales? Let me know if you have other resources that I don’t  have listed. Happy shopping!

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