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What I Bought at the Gypsy Junkers Pasture Sale

Last week I shared some of the highlights from the Gypsy Junker Pasture Sale. This week I am going to show you what I bought. I actually only purchased items from two different vendors. I probably would have bought more but I just didn’t have enough time that day to keep shopping.

The first place I stopped was the booth owned by Cindy Lawrance owner of A Love of the Past Vintage and Antique Jewelry. This was where I spent most of my time/money at the last Gypsy Junker Sale I attended. The majority of the items I purchased were for resell in my etsy shop and I already have most of them listed.

These two mid century bracelet were made by Selro.

This one is available in my etsy shop.

This one has a little bit of damage on the clasp. I plan on repairing and keeping it. Isn’t it just so unique? I think you call this a confetti pattern.

This one is perfect for anyone (like me) who collects tole trays. It is a brooch and earring set. Another unique find.

This is a bracelet and earring set by Lisner. This style stone is called moonglow and it is a thermoset plastic. It is a beautiful set. This photo doesn’t show its luminescent quality.

This is a set of antique coral screw back earrings. Screw back earrings were first developed in 1894. At that time it wasn’t considered proper to have pierced ears.

This cute little cat cameo was only three dollars. It is really cute and I may keep it. It isn’t that old.

This vintage dimensional cat brooch is adorable. The cat looks so happy or maybe it is laughing.

The pearl dangle necklace was a gift from Cindy and I plan on keeping it. I don’t have a closeup of it.

These next two items came from the same booth. I bought them both to keep (okay I might sell the framed piece).

This needlepoint pillow of two bunnies is very well made and I already have it sitting on a chair in my family room. It is perfect for this time of the year.

This framed crewel needlepoint piece features a window full of house plants. I just thought it was pretty and I am going to trying and find somewhere to hang it at my house. It has a lot of pretty colors in it and I think I might hang it in my kitchen.

This Friday I am going to the rummage sale at my church. It is always a good one.

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