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Peaches to the Beaches 2019

Peaches to the Beaches is a cross-state yard sale that goes from Barnesville, Georgia to Brunswick, Georgia and follows the route of Highway 341. The entire route is more than 200 miles long. This was my fourth year shopping the sale and I made it from Barnesville to Perry before I had to turn around and go home. The sale occurs on the second weekend in March on Friday and Saturday. I shopped on Friday so I had to get home before my children got home on the school bus. In years past  I have been able to shop longer and I have made it as far as Hazelhurst.

I used to say that the sale was very hit or miss but I can now say that the sale seems to be improving each year with more vendors along the route. One thing that I like about this sale is that most of the people set up along the route are true yard salers. A lot of these kinds of sales have more antique dealers with antique dealer prices, and while that does provide some great vintage and antique items, it also prices it out of my price range when I am shopping for items to resell.

This year, as in years past, I have started at the northern point of the route (Barnesville). Last year one of my favorite stops was an old house that was full of vintage items. The yard was full of vendors and they even had a fire going since it was so chilly that morning. Last year I got quite a few things at this house but I didn’t find anything that I was interested in this year.

There was one interesting thing that happened at that house this year. As I was walking through the yard I noticed someone with a large video camera. As I looked around I realized there were several men with cameras and a couple of other men with huge microphones. Upon closer inspection I realized they were filming scenes for a reality show. I think the show was The 7 Johnstons. It is a show about a family of seven from Forsyth, Georgia. All of the family member have achondroplasia dwarfism, a genetic condition that affects their size. I only saw two adults from the family so I assumed the children must have been at school. It was interesting to watch them filming the show but I didn’t stick around too long… I had a lot of miles to cover.

Here are photos of the house and of the actors. Great pictures of the backs of their heads. LOL.


After that house I continued to drive south. I only shop for smalls now that I don’t have a booth, as well as things that I can easily sell online (or things for myself). I honestly didn’t buy that much. I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and basement so I have gotten ride of a lot of things and I am becoming a lot more careful about what I purchase.

Here are photos of a couple of the things that I bought.

This wood curio cabinet with glass door was a great buy at only eight dollars. It is very dirty but I could tell that underneath the dust and dirt that it was actually in very good condition. I think it will be pretty easy to clean up.  These sell on etsy from forty to seventy dollars.

This pair of Shawnee Pottery swan planters was eight dollars for both. They sell for ten to twenty each online. They are not marked on the bottom but the vendor knew what brand they were and I was able to confirm that through etsy and ebay. The color pattern is very typical of Shawnee pottery.  They sell for about ten to twenty dollars each. I will probably keep one or both of them.

If I decide to shop the sale again next year, I plan to approach it differently. As I mentioned earlier, I normally start in Barnesville and drive south. Next year I think I will drive to either Hazelhurst or Baxley and head north. These towns are about as far south as I think can go and still get home at a reasonable hour. If I do it this way I will not get to shop at the northern end of the sale. I am okay with that because I have noticed that the further south I get on the route, the more yard sales there are. I am not sure why this is, but the more southern part of the route has a greater concentration of sales. Since I can only shop so many sales in one day, I had rather shop in an area that allowed more shopping and less driving.

I have a friend who shops this sale most years and he actually drives to Brunswick the night before the sale starts (about 4.5 hours) and stays there overnight and gets up early the next day and works his way north. He told me he has done really well with this approach. While I can’t go down the day before, I can at least try starting further south on the route.

I will be shopping at the Gypsy Junkers Pasture Sale in Newnan, Georgia this upcoming weekend. This is a fun outdoor sale with a variety of vendors. They have the sale twice a year but I missed the last one. Last year I purchased a lot of vintage jewelry from a vendor who actually travels to England each year. I hope she will be there again this  year. I also bought a pretty green McCoy planter. I enjoy collecting these and I have them displayed in my house and on my porch.

I will start early on Friday morning because it gets quite crowded as the day progresses. I shopped this sale for the first time last year. It is a good one for me because the prices are reasonable and it is close to home. I definitely recommend it.

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  1. Hi Kathy! I have the same swan planter, but I didn’t know it was Shawnee and I thought it was a duck! It’s featured in this blog post: I have it in my antique booth, so it sounds like I priced it to sell at $10. Thanks for enlightening me about this piece. I enjoyed reading about Peaches to the Beaches. I wish we had a 200 mile long tag sale around here…it sounds fabulous! Good luck at the Gypsy Junkers!

    1. Hi Rebecca, I could definitely see thinking it was a duck. It could go either way. LOL I love the colors in these two planters. It was a knowledgeable dealer who taught me how to recognize it. Always learning, aren’t we? I sold the pair on Facebook marketplace for 35 dollars. You might try that if it doesn’t sell in your booth.

  2. This sounds ah-ma-zing. I wish there was a sale like this in my area. I would love it! And how fun that you happened across the filming of a reality tv show. :) Looks like you found a couple of good treasures. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    1. These kinds of sales are so much fun. Some of the best ones I’ve shopped though are in Alabama. Have you ever shopped the World’s Longest Yard Sale? It is awesome.

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