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Greenville Estate Sale

I went to an estate sale on Monday in Greenville, Georgia. It was the final day of the sale and everything was fifty percent off. Most of the prices were sky-high so even with the discount the prices were still high. By talking to the people who were running the sale we were able to negotiate more reasonable prices and my husband and I came home with some great finds.

Now my husband doesn’t usually go to estate sales with me but he made time to go and we enjoyed spending the day together. The other great thing about having him comes is that he is a great negotiator. There were a couple of pieces that I wanted but would have walked away from but he was able to get a good deal on them. He also found some things that he wanted (he spent a lot of time shopping in the garage).

If I had to pick a favorite piece from the sale it would be this rice-carved solid mahogany bookcase. It is in incredible condition and is such a unique style. It is a narrow piece with three shelves and one drawer. It has pretty carvings on the front. My husband noticed that the top is actually solid mahogany and not veneer. I am still trying to decide where I will use it. So many possibilities. I can’t wait to fill it up. I may actually remove one of the shelves and arrange them so that books can be displayed vertically on them. Although if I leave it like it is I can simply stack books on each shelf. It will be fun to style this bookcase.

This next piece was a close second to the bookcase. It is a solid wood Chinese Chippendale style plate rack, also in excellent condition. I plan on hanging it behind the tub in my master bedroom, or maybe in the dining room, or the living room. Okay, still trying to decide about this one too. It is a beautiful piece and is large enough to hold quite a few plates. It will be fun using it to display my different china patterns.

This Singer Stylist 457 sewing machine was only fifteen dollars after the discount. Older Singer sewing machines have become quite desirable because they are so heavy duty. They are perfect for sewing projects such as purses or thicker items such as upholstery or denim fabric. A lot of the newer sewing machines cannot sew through the thicker layers. I was making a window treatment a few years ago and ended up having to sew parts of it by hand because my newer machine just couldn’t sew through all of the thick layers. I plan on trying out this machine and I might keep it.

This is a nice pair of vintage scissor, made in Italy. The handles are made out of brass.

The owner of the home collected swans and there were so many pretty swan pieces throughout the house. I got this gorgeous swan centerpiece. It even came with these lovely green candles. As you can see, we began using it immediately.

My husband bought this crossbow with arrows (he calls the arrows bolts.). He said it just needs a couple of small fixes to make it work and he got it for ten dollars.


He also bought an allen wrench Holo-Krome tool set for a dollar, a huge tub full of Christmas lights and a new motion sensor light to replace one of ours that had quit working.

It was a fun day together and we both found some great deals.

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  1. Oh I am really loving that sewing machine find! I wish I had asked my stepdad for the one he inherited from his neighbor. He used to take care of an old lady that he knew for 20 years, she had no family out here and she ended up putting him in her will where he got everything. She had an old sewing machine too but not sure if it worked. Thanks for linking up this post with us at #OMHGWW.

    1. Hi Alice,
      These old machines are so durable and because they have such simple construction they are sometimes easy to repair. Sometimes just opening them up and blowing off the dust and grime can make a huge difference.

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