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Mableton Estate Sale

As the weather slowly starts warming up, I am beginning to see more estate sales. It  is still a little to cold for yard sales (and rainy), but yard sale season will be here soon.

Last month I was visiting my niece at the hospital where she had been put on bed rest while waiting for the birth of her precious baby girl (and they are both healthy and at home now). I stopped by an estate sale near the hospital and found lots of great deals. It was the second day of the sale so everything was thirty percent off.

Here is what I purchased.

This was a great collection of vintage postcards. The homeowners must have done a lot of travelling. I will be listing these in my Etsy shop. The only ones I plan on keeping are the Callaway Gardens post cards because that is one of my most favorite places to visit with my children.

There were several post cards of the moon landing.

This was a vintage squeak post card and the squeaker still works.

These candle holders are so pretty. They are clear depression glass in the Jeannette Herringbone and Iris pattern. I had seen some at Marietta Antique Mall recently and was excited to get these at the sale. I will definitely keep these.

This next item is very unique. It is a vintage Marklin model train roundhouse, or repair building. I don’t usually buy model train pieces but this one was so unique and the double doors worked perfectly. I especially liked the little skylights on top. It is very detailed. It was made in West Germany. It is available in my ebay shop.

I bought some vintage sewing notions.

I thought the graphics on this sewing needle book were cute.

Some pretty handkerchiefs.

And some handmade doilies and an owl hand towel.

My best find of the day was a set of prints of Lockheed airplanes. Both my father and my father-in-law worked for Lockheed. Lockheed still has a big presence in Georgia with a huge facility in Marietta. I gave them to my father-in-law (before I took pictures) and he enjoyed looking at them and reminiscing about the planes he worked on. There were several prints of planes that he actually helped designed and he really appreciated the gift. That was definitely my favorite find.

I am heading to south Georgia on Friday to shop Peaches to the Beaches. It stretches from Barnesville, Georgia to Brunswick, Georgia. I have been shopping it for several years. It is definitely a hit or miss but it was great last year. Have any of you ever shopped this sale?


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  1. What great finds. I think I would have picked up exactly the same things you did. Great minds, huh?

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