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Scott Antique Market February 2019

It was another great show this month at Scott Antique Market. While it was a little windy on Thursday (opening day), the weather was beautiful and it was nice to visit the outdoor vendors.


I had never seen a vending machine for pens before. It was called a Select-a-Pen.

I tried to sell my bottle collection to this dealer who had lots of old bottles. He said no. Anyone want a collection of 29 antique bottles? Let me know and I will make you a deal. Most of these bottles ranged from $8 to $12 each.

Beautiful chair. The vendor wasn’t in her booth so I didn’t find out anything about it.

There was lots to see in the south building this month.

A nice collection of bird prints. A lot of dealers simply pull pages from old books and sell the pages individually. I have bought old books before and framed the pages.

Such a pretty little table.

They still had this chest of drawers/secretary that I mentioned last month. I would still like to buy it one day.

This booth was certainly ready for Spring. The greens and pinks were so pretty together. I really liked that painting.

This is always one of my favorite booths at Scott’s. It is located just before you get to the dining area.

Red and white transferware plus lots of other treasures.

A beautiful painting of hydrangeas.

I found this really pretty Victorian box. I asked the dealer about it but she didn’t know what it had been used for. Do any of you know what kind of box this is? It was $59.

I don’t know how old these lamps were. The dealers said he thought they were from the forties. They were beautiful. They were $250 for the pair.

Excuse the phrase, but there were plenty of “mantiques” at Scott’s this month. They are probably there every month, but I just don’t notice them. LOL.

On to the north building. Such a beautiful, sunny day.

Dealer John Crews had this really interesting new box in his booth. It was from the mid eighteen hundreds.

It opens like a roll-top desk and has a perpetual calendar made from fabric on the front.  I asked him if it worked and he said that he didn’t try to change the date on it since the piece was so old. The box was in amazing condition for its age.

I don’t collect Majolica, but if I did I would want to start with this piece. It was $98.

A pair of delicate Staffordshire sheep.

The tag on this piece said it was from an apothecary shop.

Lots of paintings and prints.

The tag on this piece said it was a Horner desk. The price was $1,800.

I always stop by to see what new pieces Jan from Storyology Design has on display.

She called this one “A tisket a tasket.”

The vegetables for sale out front were from south Florida. I bought tomatoes, squash, red potatoes, and onions. They were all delicious.

My favorite pieces (actually there were quite a few this month) were these two Italian lamps from Flourish Antiques. They were just so fresh and colorful. You don’t see yellow lamps that often. The dealer had rewired them and added bases to them. They were $195 for the pair.

Anyone else visit Scott’s this month? I thought I saw Shelley from Confetti Style there on Thursday.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I went on Saturday with another friend and didn’t see any of this. I guess that is why we are “different points of view”. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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