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This Week’s Vintage Finds

As I am sure most of you know, it is a slow time of year for finding vintage and antique treasures. It is too cold and rainy for yard sales and with the Christmas holidays, there aren’t even many estate sales and auctions going on.

Fortunately I was able to find a few unique finds at the local antique store, Ben’s Antique Market in Douglasville, Georgia. If you recall, this was the store where I had a booth for almost four years. The store had to relocate last year and once they relocated, I experienced a decline in sales. As much as I enjoyed having a booth there, it just got to the point where I had to close shop because I was no longer making a profit. You’ve got to know when to walk away, right? It’s not always easy when you are friends with many of the other dealers and store employees and you truly enjoy the business, but I certainly couldn’t stay there when my sales continued to decline.

But back to what I found at Ben’s the other day. I am just going to show you a few things for now. In addition to what I am showing you, I also bought out a dealer’s entire collection of …..  I will tell you in my next post.

To start things off, I got this really cool vintage shelf. If you look at the side, it has a carving of a sea captain on it. It is made out of nice looking piece of wood. I couldn’t find any information on when it might have been made, but I am still researching it.

I almost didn’t notice the sea captain detail at first. From a distance, it looks like it is just an intricate carving.

Here it is from the other side. If you look closely at the first picture (above), you will notice an anchor is also incorporated into the design. Such a cool piece.

Next is this awesome Samsonite cosmetic/train case. The booth I bought it from was going out of business, and they had everything marked 75 percent off! The train case is in very good condition, especially on the inside.

Finally, I bought this vintage 50 pound Pelouze scale (from the same booth). I think I will keep it and use it to weigh my larger packages that I ship to my customers. This type of scale typically sells for up to fifty dollars new, so I will just hang on to it and use it to weight my own packages. It’s not pretty, but it is definitely practical. You can find something similar here if you are looking for something to weigh larger packages.

I hope everyone has a great new years eve. I will share more of my finds later in the week.

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