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Opening a New Booth at Oz Antique Market

After having an antique booth in Douglasville, Georgia at Ben’s Furniture and Antiques for almost three years, I had decided it was time to try something new. Ben’s is a great shop with helpful employees, great vendors, and amazing antique and vintage items and I have been happy with my sales there.

But since Ben’s was the first place I have ever had an antique business, I wanted to open another booth in a different location. I started looking at other stores last fall and found several that I was interested in. The main problem though (in addition to higher rent for smaller booth space) was that they were too far from where I live. I knew that if it is too far away then it would be harder for me to go there and refresh and update my booth as often as I should.

Well last week, a fellow vendor at Ben’s told me about a new store that had recently opened and I decided to check it out. It’s called Oz Antique Market and it is located in historical downtown Austell, Georgia. If any of you are familiar with the “oops” paint store, that is where it is located.


Daniel Dulkiewicz is the owner and he has completely transformed the building. He has designed the space to have approximately fifty antique booths, as well as a coffee and candy shop.  You can bring your spouse and children and let them visit the coffee and candy shop while you browse through all of the antique booths.



In addition, there are three other antique shops in the area. A new restaurant will be opening soon too. I am excited to be able to grow my business in an area that is undergoing so much growth and development.

Here are a few photos of some of the booths at Oz. I would say they are at about 90 percent capacity. I just started stocking my booth yesterday so it is a work in progress.


As I already mentioned, I have just started decorating/furnishing my booth. I just had to get a few things in there right away. I will share more photos when I get everything in place.


I am excited about this opportunity to open a new booth in this new antique mall. I thinks it is a great location in a growing area. I will keep you posted on how it is working out.

Oz Antique Market is located at 2787 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Austell,    Georgia. The website is

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  1. Are those items yours in the second to the last photos? I’m interested in the cabinet with all the drawers. If it belongs to you, what are the measurements? I may just be dreaming, but I’m curious. I have a space to fill. Thank you. Good luck in your new booth. I wish you the best.

      1. Fonda, I have them listed on ebay for $40. It was $45 but I lowered the price last night in hopes of selling them quickly (I can make you a deal!). Kathy

    1. That cabinet has already sold. Thank you so much Fonda for inquiring and your well wishes. Kathy

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