Tea Party Celebration

My friend Gleide’s sister has been visiting her for the last two months. They are from Brazil and this was Taty’s first visit to our country. She is going back to Brazil this Sunday so Gleide wanted to invite all of her friends to visit with her one last time before Taty leaves. She decided to go all out and have a tea party. She asked everyone to bring a side dish and their favorite tea.

Gleide did a great job. The tables were beautiful and the food was delicious.

Gleide 10

Gleide asked everyone to bring a dessert or side dish and their favorite tea.

Gleide 5

I brought my Berry Chai Tea.

One of her friends made this delicious Brazilian Cheese Bread.

Gleide 1

Homemade Chicken Salad and croissants.

Gleide 2

She served lunch in two different rooms and both tables were gorgeous. Here is her dining room.

Gleide 6

Some of us ate in her breakfast room.

Gleide 9

Water with mint leaves and orange slices was refreshing.

Gleide 7

Fresh fruit, strawberry cake, cheesecake, cookies, and Key Lime Pie for dessert.

 Gleide 3

Pretty serving tray.

Gleide 8

Gleide used her best china. She has two different patterns and used them both.

Gleide 11

Several guests brought pretty teapots.

Gleide 4

Gleide and her sister Taty. Happy sisters.

Gleide 12

Everyone wanted to spend time with Taty before she goes back to Brazil this weekend.

Gleide 13

It was nice to enjoy a delicious meal with friends, especially when everyone brought a favorite dish.

Gleide 14

Our daughters have been best friends for years.

Gleide 16

Friends enjoying food and time together.

Gleide 15

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    1. It was a lot of fun. Gleide made everything so special for her sister. I just wish that I spoke Portuguese because I had to have someone translate all of our conversations! Kathy

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