Frozen Birthday Party

Have you seen the new Frozen movie yet? I took my children to see it last month and we all loved it. Based on the previews I had seen, I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised.

Many of my youngest daughter’s friends have seen it more than once. She and her friends spend their recess time playing Frozen games that they make up. They LOVE Frozen.

It came as no surprise a couple of weeks ago that when we received an invitation to her friend Sophie’s birthday party that she was going with a Frozen theme. Her Mom is super creative and together they came up with some great ideas for the party.

So if your children love Frozen as much as mine do and decide that they want a Frozen birthday party, here are some of the ideas that Anne and Sophie came up with.

First of all, Anne owns her own business, Anamime Entertainment, and is a professional entertainer. I think that explains why she just  happened to have a snowman costume in her closet. With just a few minor alterations she had changed it into a Olaf costume (Olaf is the silly but lovable snowman in the movie.). As we drove down her long driveway, Olaf jumped out from behind a tree to greet us. I had my girls, Sophie, and two more of their friends with me and they loved talking to Olaf.

Frozen 1

We quickly got out of my car and Anne began the party with a marshmallow roast at their fire pit. It was a chilly January afternoon so the weather was perfect for roasting marshmallows. She also had a huge thermos of hot chocolate for everyone. We roasted marshmallows and then the children played hide and seek. It didn’t take long before they were ready to go inside and warm up.

Frozen 2

Dad, Mom (Olaf), and Sophie.

Frozen 4

This was what they saw when they first walked in.

Frozen 5

The decorations were simple…fabric batting covering the staircase (snow), paper snowflakes and plastic icicles hanging from the ceiling, more batting on the floor, Christmas lights on the staircase, and Sophie’s new Frozen ice castle that she had received as a gift. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you use your imagination. They did buy a life-size cutout of Elsa and Anna, the two main characters in the movie for the party.

Frozen 6

Anne and Sophie put together a cute craft for everyone, Olaf snow globes. All of the girls enjoyed making the snowmen with styrofoam balls, googly eyes, foam carrot noses, and other craft items. Once they made their snowmen, Anne glued them to the lid of the jars. They then filled the jars with glitter and water, put the lids on tightly, and turned them upside down. Super cute.

Frozen 10

I would guess that the age range of the children at the party was from five through twelve. They all really enjoyed this craft and spent a long time making their snow globes.

Frozen 9

Each snow globe was an original creation.

Frozen 11

The next activity was pin the  carrot nose on the snowman. Birthday girl Sophie got to go first.

Frozen 12

While these activities were going on, Anne’s friend Lynn was painting everyone’s faces to look like their favorite characters from the movie.

Frozen 8

Anne made and decorated the cake herself. Homemade cakes are the best.

Frozen 13

After eating cake and ice cream and opening presents, the girls ran around and played until it was time to go home.

Frozen 15


With imagination and planning, Anne gave Sophie an incredible Frozen birthday party that everyone enjoyed. Great job Anne!

Frozen 3

Happy birthday sweet Sophie!

Frozen 14


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