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As many of us start this new year with resolutions to improve ourselves, our families, and maybe even our communities, have you thought about simply resolving to be open to new ideas? Open to change? And not just change for the sake of change but change that takes down the barriers that keep your relationship to God from growing to what He wants for you.

Yesterday at church our pastor, Heather Jallad, asked the question if we knew what our beliefs were based on. Did we form our beliefs ourselves or were they spoon-fed to us at some point in our lives? She went on to ask if we were open to rethinking things. Maybe what we had learned as a child or even an adult was not God’s truth. She gave the example that as a teenager she was told that the Bible was just a history book and not relevant anymore. I bet that caused her a lot of confusion and misunderstanding for a number of years.

Her sermon was the first in a series on the Biblical basis for the social principles of our church and I have to say that I am excited to hear the rest of the series.

She’s trying something new in this sermon series and asking everyone to tweet on the topic and share it with their community of friends. Throughout the service our tech person updated the tweets shared by our congregation. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “Don’t just like it, share it, or Tweet it…do something about it! Words to live by.”
  • “What happens in the church is not supposed to stay inside these walls. Take it to the world!”
  • “We are called not to be like other Christians but to be like Christ…”

I for one am praying that I can be open to God’s Word during this sermon series and be a doer and not just a sayer of God’s Word.


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