Country Living Fair 2013

I visited the Country Living Fair this year for the first time and it was so much fun. The weather can be crazy in the south and the day I visited was no exception. I got there right as the fair was about to open and it was 30 degrees as I waited in line. Brrrrr. It was still a beautiful day in Stone Mountain, Georgia in spite of the cold.

I love shopping at estate sales and the Country Living Fair gave me lots of ideas for things to do with some of the  antique or vintage items I have purchased. There were a lot of creative and talented folks displaying their creations there.

The first booth I stopped by found a great use for vintage bedspreads. They made pumpkins out of old yellow and orange chenille bedspreads.


Everything in the booth was made from vintage bedspreads.



The next booth had some beautiful purses. I liked that the fair had vintage and new items for sale.


Another booth had precious baby outfits made from vintage embroidered pillow cases. They also had made American Girl dresses out of the pillow cases. It is great to see these old handmade items being used again. It definitely gave me some ideas and I may be purchasing old pillow cases, napkins, and tablecloths the next time I see them.



Wow! Look at the fun furniture.


I met a very talented artist named Ruth Lorentzen. My youngest daughter loves goats and I bought a copy of one of Ruth’s paintings of this adorable goat.


I took a picture of Ruth holding her painting.



I really liked the jewelry made from old typewriter keys. What a great idea. This artist also had necklaces and earrings made from old spoons.


Look at the pretty hand-carved birds.


These colorful carts were a great idea for hauling your finds.


There were several traveling boutiques such as this one. A fun way to shop for vintage clothes.



The Country Living staff had set up fall tablescapes. And there was definitely a crowd around the roaring fire.


Another highlight was meeting Cari Cucksey of Cash and Cari. She was friendly. Her staff was there too and they acted the same way they do on her television show.


Her booth was very popular and had quite a variety of vintage and “re-purposed” items.



More photos.




I recommend going next year if you have never been before. I only had time to spend a half a day there and I didn’t get to see everything. Next year I hope to make a full day of it.

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