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Shopping for Fabric

I have always enjoyed going to fabric stores. My hometown has a JoAnn’s but sometimes I want more selection, especially when shopping for home décor fabric. Luckily my best friend makes custom window treatments for a living and a few years ago she took me to an awesome fabric store. Now I go by myself and spend hours touching the fabrics, clipping samples, and being inspired by the beautiful patterns and textures.


Fabric and Fringe Warehouse is the store I am talking about. It is located in Marietta on Canton Road. If you didn’t know it was there it would be easy to just drive right by it. You would be missing out if you did this though.

Fabric and Fringe has a great selection of home décor fabrics and plenty of employees who can help you find what you need.
Although I usually go in this store with a plan in mind, I always find myself wanting to redecorate a room in my home just so I can use some of the beautiful and fun fabrics. I think some of my favorites are the pinks and greens. I bought some of these the last time I was there for my youngest daughter’s room and she loves them.

Pink and Green cover

Don’t these fabrics make you want to redecorate?


Rows and rows of beautiful colors and patterns.


Inspiration is everywhere.




This photo isn’t the greatest, but greens are my favorite.


These are some fun colors and patterns.


I love a bargain and I learned at an early age that you should start in the back of a store for the best deals. Fabric and Fringe has a huge Value Corner where everything is price at five dollars or less per yard. You can also find remnants at the front of the store for great prices too.


There are other great fabric stores out there such as Lewis and Sheron and Forsyth Fabrics. Where do you like to shop for fabric?

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