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Well, you were going to find out soon enough. Not that I was trying to hide it. But yes, I am a cat person. My children are cat people. We all love cats. How many cats do I have you’re asking? Six. Yes I said six. There’s Bluebell, Mayble, Sapphire, Blackie, Pearl, and Cupcake.


It started out innocently enough. A few years ago we told our children that we would get them each a cat. So that was Sapphire, Mayble, and Pearl. Then a year later Pearl had kittens and we just had to keep one of those sweet babies. That was Bluebell. Blackie was a stray that was born under the deck and eventually became tame. Last year Pearl had another litter of kittens and we kept Cupcake.







No more kittens for us though. Pearl has been spayed and all of the other cats have been spayed or neutered too. We live in the country so we feel like we “need” cats. They definitely keep the rodents under control. And the birds too for that matter. Maybe not the deer.


Cupcake is our only indoor cat. The others live outside and just come in for visits and treats. They want in and he wants out. Isn’t that the way it always is…. the grass is always greener….

Christmas 2012 131

I will eventually be writing about all of our cats. I know you must be excited about getting to know them. Because we are all really cat people, right? Humor me and just say YES!

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