Mexican Chicken Soup

I made this soup last night and it was so good.  It has great flavor and I can't wait to have more of it for lunch today. I started with a recipe that I got from my friend Becky whose friend Teresa's grandmother used to make this soup. Got that? LOL! I made pretty substantial changes to it to suit the tastes of my family and they loved it (well except for the ones that don't like soup, they ate … [Read more...]

Easy and Delicious Homemade Salsa

We love Mexican food at our house and I often make burritos or nachos for dinner. These are meals that we all enjoy. The one ingredient that takes them from average to delicious though is homemade salsa. In the summer I make my salsa with fresh garden tomatoes, but winter grocery store tomatoes just aren't that good in my opinion and don't make the best salsa. They are too mealy and do not have … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Salad

As many of you gather with family today to celebrate the new year with the traditional good luck meal of greens, black-eye peas, and pork (or maybe this is just a southern thing), consider adding this dessert to your meal. It is light and fresh and fruity and it immediately became one of my favorites when I tried it for the first time. It's interesting combination of ingredients surprised me the … [Read more...]