Bryant Antiques in Asheville

I recently posted an article about opening an antique booth in Douglasville. I have been busy this last month getting my booth painted, decorated, and stocked full of cool antique and vintage items. While my focus right now may be on my antique business, I still love visiting other antique stores to shop and get ideas for my booth. Last fall I visited Bryant Antiques. Who knew that I would be … [Read more...]

Asheville’s Antique Tobacco Barn

Last weekend my girls and I got to spend the weekend in Asheville. We had taken my mother to visit her sister in Charlotte on Friday and after a lunch with them we headed over to Asheville. We had been there a couple of years ago and toured the Biltmore House, hiked along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and visited the Carl Sandburg historic site in Hendersonville. With all of those fun activities we … [Read more...]