Dining Room Chair Makeover

Last year I bought this chair at a yard sale. For five dollars. The cushion was worn and stained. The finish on the wood looked like pickled oak from the eighties. I knew it had potential though. I liked the wheat pattern and the fact that it was oversized. I thought it would be perfect in my sewing room. And for five dollars, who could resist? It sat in my garage for months but I finally got … [Read more...]

Vintage Japanese Bird Lamps

Last month I went to an incredible estate sale and bought some beautiful things including.....a piano! What a great find. It was in excellent condition and the lady who owned it said that they used the same person to tune their piano that Elton John uses. I've been wanting to buy a piano for a while. My daughters have been wanting to take lessons. But as much as I love antique and vintage items, I … [Read more...]

Open Your Heart

As many of us start this new year with resolutions to improve ourselves, our families, and maybe even our communities, have you thought about simply resolving to be open to new ideas? Open to change? And not just change for the sake of change but change that takes down the barriers that keep your relationship to God from growing to what He wants for you. Yesterday at church our pastor, Heather … [Read more...]

Daydreaming about Our Summer Vacation

We have had record cold weather here in Georgia this week. It was so cold that they cancelled school, not because of snow and ice, but because of concern that with the extreme cold (6 degrees) school buses wouldn't work, kids wouldn't be warm enough at the bus stops, and they couldn't keep the schools warm enough. This cold weather has one advantage though. It has got me thinking about where I … [Read more...]

Hope’s Bridal Shower

Last February my sweet niece Hope got engaged to her boyfriend Chris. He is a great guy and we were all so happy for them. Hope is the only child of my twin brother Steve so of course I immediately offered to host a bridal shower for her. They had decided on a country wedding at Sunset Ranch, getting married by the lake and then the reception in the barn.  Many of the gifts they had registered … [Read more...]

Sewing Room Window Treatments

I continue to make progress on my sewing room. Last month I made these window treatments and I finally mounted and installed them this past weekend. This was actually a really easy project that I think turned out great. Now I know many of you may not sew or may possibly be intimidated by the whole sewing process but I'm not kidding when I say this was probably one of the easiest sewing projects I … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Salad

As many of you gather with family today to celebrate the new year with the traditional good luck meal of greens, black-eye peas, and pork (or maybe this is just a southern thing), consider adding this dessert to your meal. It is light and fresh and fruity and it immediately became one of my favorites when I tried it for the first time. It's interesting combination of ingredients surprised me the … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Art and My Powder Room

You know how sometimes your plans just don't turn out the way you intend them to? Well that was the case with my powder room. My favorite color is green and when I built my house I decided I wanted my powder room to be sage green, one of my favorite shades of green. So I picked the color Clary Sage from Sherwin Williams and painted it that color. But I never liked it. It looked too flat and … [Read more...]

Snowy Christmas Craft

What inspires you for Christmas? Are you a traditionalist with greens and reds? Or do you prefer more contemporary colors? I have seen a lot of white decorations this year and I love that winter wonderland feeling they invoke. Have you put out any Christmas decorations yet? Or have you possibly put out all of your Christmas decorations? I am trying to wait until after Thanksgiving but it … [Read more...]

Needlework Creations

Years ago many women filled their hours making embroidery and needlework creations for their homes. From samplers to pillowcases, napkins, and more, this art built wedding dowries and enhanced the beauty of homes. Some people are fortunate enough to have embroidered items that have been passed down through the years from previous generations. For others there are yard sales, estate sales, ebay, … [Read more...]