How to Make a Utility Apron

I love patterns and I love fabric. When JoAnn's has their five for five dollars sale on patterns, I stock up. And I am always checking out the clearance sections at the fabric stores. Sometimes I just buy fabric with a coupon or a sale, but if I can combine the two then the deal is even better. Last week I found these two fabrics on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They are both made out of duck … [Read more...]

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Last week we spent a couple of days during winter break on Hilton Head Island. It was our first trip there and we had a great time. I found a bargain on the expedia travel site and we were able to stay at the Omni Resort for a great price. This was such a treat for my girls. They said the outdoor pool felt like a hot tub, which was good since it was the middle of February. The hotel actually … [Read more...]

Decorating My Dining Room Table for Spring

I recently got a new rug from Mohawk that I will be reviewing soon. I put it in my dining room and it is gorgeous. This rug  inspired me to try some new ideas on my table. Most of the things I used were items I already had. I did purchase new placemats. The coordinating cloth in the center of the table is actually for another project but I thought it really brought this tablescape … [Read more...]

Blue and White Lamps for My Bedroom

A couple of weeks ago I found a pair of these gorgeous lamps at Marshall's. I had been looking at this style lamp for months and these were on clearance so I bought them. I plan on eventually using them on my bedside tables in my master bedroom but for now I thought I would try one out on my writing desk. My late husband Ken gave me this desk back in the nineties and it has always been one of … [Read more...]

Duct Tape Pencil Cases

My children were very excited when I told them I was going to start writing a blog. They encouraged me. They praised my efforts. They told their friends and their friends' moms about my blog. My nine-year-old daughter even gave out my business cards to her teachers. My girls are awesome. Well last week when we were all home for winter break I suggested that we do a craft project together with … [Read more...]

Asheville’s Antique Tobacco Barn

Last weekend my girls and I got to spend the weekend in Asheville. We had taken my mother to visit her sister in Charlotte on Friday and after a lunch with them we headed over to Asheville. We had been there a couple of years ago and toured the Biltmore House, hiked along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and visited the Carl Sandburg historic site in Hendersonville. With all of those fun activities we … [Read more...]

Snow Days 2014

Much has been written about the snow storm that happened earlier this week. People were stranded on the interstate, some of them for more than twenty hours. Children were trapped on school buses and many of them ended up spending the night at school. People are passing the blame back and forth between the governor, the mayor, and the school superintendents. I am very thankful that the principal … [Read more...]

Tea Party Celebration

My friend Gleide's sister has been visiting her for the last two months. They are from Brazil and this was Taty's first visit to our country. She is going back to Brazil this Sunday so Gleide wanted to invite all of her friends to visit with her one last time before Taty leaves. She decided to go all out and have a tea party. She asked everyone to bring a side dish and their favorite … [Read more...]

Making an Infinity Scarf

Last month while Christmas shopping with my children, my oldest daughter told me that she wanted some pretty scarves for Christmas. We were in Macy's so we decided to look at what they had. Well the scarves they had on display were beautiful but the majority of them cost close to forty dollars each! That's a lot more than this Mom is willing to pay for a scarf. I found her a couple at Charming … [Read more...]

Frozen Birthday Party

Have you seen the new Frozen movie yet? I took my children to see it last month and we all loved it. Based on the previews I had seen, I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Many of my youngest daughter's friends have seen it more than once. She and her friends spend their recess time playing Frozen games that they make up. They LOVE Frozen. It came as no surprise a couple … [Read more...]