Tea Party Celebration

My friend Gleide's sister has been visiting her for the last two months. They are from Brazil and this was Taty's first visit to our country. She is going back to Brazil this Sunday so Gleide wanted to invite all of her friends to visit with her one last time before Taty leaves. She decided to go all out and have a tea party. She asked everyone to bring a side dish and their favorite … [Read more...]

Making an Infinity Scarf

Last month while Christmas shopping with my children, my oldest daughter told me that she wanted some pretty scarves for Christmas. We were in Macy's so we decided to look at what they had. Well the scarves they had on display were beautiful but the majority of them cost close to forty dollars each! That's a lot more than this Mom is willing to pay for a scarf. I found her a couple at Charming … [Read more...]

Frozen Birthday Party

Have you seen the new Frozen movie yet? I took my children to see it last month and we all loved it. Based on the previews I had seen, I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Many of my youngest daughter's friends have seen it more than once. She and her friends spend their recess time playing Frozen games that they make up. They LOVE Frozen. It came as no surprise a couple … [Read more...]

Open Your Heart

As many of us start this new year with resolutions to improve ourselves, our families, and maybe even our communities, have you thought about simply resolving to be open to new ideas? Open to change? And not just change for the sake of change but change that takes down the barriers that keep your relationship to God from growing to what He wants for you. Yesterday at church our pastor, Heather … [Read more...]

Daydreaming about Our Summer Vacation

We have had record cold weather here in Georgia this week. It was so cold that they cancelled school, not because of snow and ice, but because of concern that with the extreme cold (6 degrees) school buses wouldn't work, kids wouldn't be warm enough at the bus stops, and they couldn't keep the schools warm enough. This cold weather has one advantage though. It has got me thinking about where I … [Read more...]

Hope’s Bridal Shower

Last February my sweet niece Hope got engaged to her boyfriend Chris. He is a great guy and we were all so happy for them. Hope is the only child of my twin brother Steve so of course I immediately offered to host a bridal shower for her. They had decided on a country wedding at Sunset Ranch, getting married by the lake and then the reception in the barn.  Many of the gifts they had registered … [Read more...]

Country Living Fair 2013

I visited the Country Living Fair this year for the first time and it was so much fun. The weather can be crazy in the south and the day I visited was no exception. I got there right as the fair was about to open and it was 30 degrees as I waited in line. Brrrrr. It was still a beautiful day in Stone Mountain, Georgia in spite of the cold. I love shopping at estate sales and the Country Living … [Read more...]

Starbucks Berry Chai Tea (Almost)

About five years ago I met a lady at church and we were gradually becoming good friends. We both had a lot going on and never seemed to finish our conversations when we would see each other. One day she said to me, “Hey, let’s meet at Starbucks and we can talk about things there.” Now I don’t like coffee. I never have. I don’t like the way it tastes and I don’t like the way it smells. That’s … [Read more...]

Cat Diaries

Well, you were going to find out soon enough. Not that I was trying to hide it. But yes, I am a cat person. My children are cat people. We all love cats. How many cats do I have you’re asking? Six. Yes I said six. There’s Bluebell, Mayble, Sapphire, Blackie, Pearl, and Cupcake. It started out innocently enough. A few years ago we told our children that we would get them each a cat. So that was … [Read more...]