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I have heard people talking about shopping at Lakewood Antique Market for years, but last month was my first time attending. Promoted as  North Atlanta’s premier market for antiques, collectibles, and vintage furniture, the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market certainly delivers.  It is located at exit 113 off of Georgia highway 400 in Cumming and it took a little over an hour to get there from my home. My friend Anne and I had a great time checking out Lakewood and we both want to go back again.

One way that Lakewood differs from other markets is that they rent space to some vendors on a permanent basis. What that means is that the dealers are able to leave their booths set up year round. While they are only able to sell one weekend a month, they don’t have to load and unload their merchandise every month. This enables them to really go all out decorating their spaces. I am currently thinking about different ways to sell antiques and this is definitely a market that interests me. I want to visit a few more times before I make any decisions about changing my current location which is a booth at Ben’s Antique Market in Douglasville, Georgia.

But I was also there to shop of course so here are some of the things we saw in January. When you enter the building, one of the first things booths you see is a permanent one called Tobacco Road Primitives. The lady who owns this booth sells lamps made from vintage and antique items. The lamps were expensive but very well made and creative.


This one is made from a tackle box and is decorated with fishing equipment.


This one was made from an old wooden pulley.


This next photo is a little blurry. This booth was full of ribbons and sewing accessories. I like the way she used old sewing tables to display spools of threads and sewing notions.


I love old wooden storage pieces such as these two. The first one is an antique oak file cabinet mad by Yawman and Erbes. I would love to buy one of these. So much storage space.


This was a nice one too.


Things were displayed so nicely.


My friend and I both bought some of these wooden bobbins. I already had some but I had never seen any before in that pretty shade of blue.


Primitive pieces.


This one booth was full of dog decor. They had a section full of dog pillows.


These paintings were very pretty. I can’t remember how much they cost.


I am always on the look out for tole trays and they had a nice variety throughout the market.


Gray and white bedroom decor.


These prints were from the early 1900s.


A nice display of blue and white. The green makes a striking contrast.


And some old dolls.


Collectible figurines.


And my favorite find from Lakewood that day? These beautiful antique couture coin purse necklaces made by Jan Agnello.  She makes the most beautiful necklaces from antique coin purses from all over the world. She is a talented artist and does an incredible job on these works of art.  She also sells them online from her website called Storyology. This one (the brown leather one with the bird) was  my favorite.


Those were the highlights of our trip that day. You can definitely make a day of it at Lakewood. I hope to go back this month. The next market is February 16th through 18th.

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  1. Wow, you have such an artful eye as I was beside you for most of the time and somehow missed all of this. heeheehee

    I love being a part of your blogs.

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