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A couple of months ago I happened upon an estate sale that had boxes and boxes of vintage patterns. I’ve been wanting to find a few to frame so I began sorting through them. And then I came upon this one, a 1940s pattern for a band jacket! Look at the graphics and the colors!!



Why so excited you might ask? Well my friend Anne collects band jackets and not just for display but to wear. She is petite, has a great figure, and has just enough sass to pull it off. See what I mean. Doesn’t she look adorable?



So when I found this pattern, I decided to frame it and give it to her as a Christmas gift. I thought it would look perfect in her sewing room.



It was easy to do. Earlier in the year I had bought a couple of framed prints. The artwork portrayed beach scenes which was very pretty but it was the red frames (and the price) that really drew me in.

I simply took the pattern pieces out of the packet (in case she actually wanted to make the jacket herself, that was her husband’s idea) and then centered the pattern packet on a piece of red felt. I used packing tape to secure it in place on the felt and then to secure the felt to the mat.  I inserted the matted piece into the red frame and voila….. a gorgeous framed piece of art.


And she loved it. I am looking forward to seeing where she puts it in her sewing room.


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  1. I have a bunch of vintage patterns. I hope to frame some of them as you have.

  2. Hi Fonda, I have been meaning to do the same thing for myself as well. I really found some great patterns that day. Some were even from the twenties and thirties. Kathy

  3. I just love the art on vintage patterns and this is so fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  4. anne rohr says:

    This blog gave me a smile as I am the lucky recipient of the wonderful picture. I love red as you already know and now I am inspired by it and am making all sorts of fun sewing things to accompany the picture. Where did you find my Kelly Ann Conway look? heeheehee I love it. You are the best. Anne

  5. anne rohr says:

    BTW: I’ve been meaning to tell you that my husband walks around the house now commenting “you have just enough sass to pull it off”.

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