Happy New Year and an Antique Booth Update

Happy New Year everyone. It has been a while since I last blogged. Today I am going to share some photos of my antique booth. As you may know, after more than three years at its location in the old Kmart building on Highway 5, we had to relocate when the building was sold. The store closed in June and finally reopened in its new location in August.

The new store is located next to Toys-R-Us on Chapel Hill Road in Douglasville. Ben Haverty, the owner of our antique mall, took the time to do it right and the new space is a huge improvement over our old location. The lighting is better. The heating and air conditioning work. The floors are clean and are no longer a tripping hazard (it was pretty bad before, lots of broken floor tiles). The whole store just has a fresh, clean look. One thing he did that added a really nice touch was have several booths in the front of the store built to look like old-timey store fronts. There is an old school house, a general store, a vintage gas station, and a retro movie theater.

What is really cool about this is that when the original contractor flaked out and left during the middle of construction, he hired my husband to finish the work and William did an incredible job. I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with you already but I will take some pictures of these cool booths and show them to you soon.

But back to my booth. I started with a double booth when I first moved in to the new locations (along with an extra double booth that I occupied for a few weeks when the store first opened). I have since downsized to a single booth and while space is tight, it just made sense for me since the rent has gone up in the new location.

I felt very fortunate since I had been one of the original booth owners at the old location, I was able to get my first choice at the new location. My booth can actually be seen from the checkout counter. I think this is a great feature because people can see in my booth while they are waiting in line. I try to keep some of my most desirable items close to that part of my booth so they will be in the customers’ line of sight when they are in the checkout line.

Here are some photos of my booth. This first photo is what you see when you approach my booth from the front of the store. I recently purchased this gorgeous Eastlake dresser from my friend Barbara. I wanted to use it in my home because it is so beautiful, but I just don’t have a good spot for it. It is a spectacular example of Eastlake design. It is approximately seven feet tall and has very elaborate carvings on it surrounding the mirror and all of the drawers work smoothly. It has marble inserts. In addition to working well as a dresser, I think it would make an awesome foyer piece because of it tall mirror.
It looks phenomenal in my booth and it is great for displaying some of my antique dolls. I have sold several of the dolls since moving them to this piece. And while it is a great display piece, I do hope it sells soon.


Here is a close up of the carved area above the mirror.


It really has worked as a great place to display my antique dolls.

This doll sold almost immediately when I placed her on the Eastlake dresser. She is a wax over composite doll from the 1800s.


This cabinet is one I thought I would never sell, but I decided it was time to freshen up my booth so it is now available for purchase. I bought it from another dealer a couple of years ago. It was originally used as a store display in an old hardware store in Powder Springs, Georgia. All of the cubbies have made it an incredible piece for displaying so many different items.


Everything looks good in it and on top of it. Although I have found that people have not been purchasing many of the things on top. I think it may be because they are so hard to reach. I have some great vintage crates and metal picnic boxes up there.


I have done really well selling the salt and pepper shakers I bought at the World’s Longest Yard Sale. They look nice displayed on this shelf.



I also bought this green shelf from my friend Barbara. It is perfect for my vintage Pyrex and other bowls and dishes.


I have an elaborate capodimonte lamp displayed on top of the shelf along with an Art Deco marble candelabra lamp.


This corner needs some work! I sold one of the display pieces that I normally use to display my linens so I crammed them all into this metal display piece. I have a new display piece that I hope to put in tomorrow that will work well with the linens. I also need to get the picture and other things off of the floor.


Well that is it for today. As you probably know, an antique booth is always a work in progress.

I went to an incredible estate sale last week. I will post those photos soon.

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  1. Your booth looks very nice. I love that cubby shelf, and I think it looks wonderful in your booth.

  2. This looks like my kind of place to browse! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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