A Baby Shower for My Niece

Earlier this month I hosted a baby shower for my sweet niece Hope. She is expecting her first baby, a little boy, and we are all so excited.

Hope Shower 19


Her baby room theme is dinosaurs so I decided to incorporate a few of those into the decor. I ordered some dinosaur cookie cutters from Amazon and made cookies. I put out a few stuffed dinosaurs on the tables as decorations that she had registered for and I gave those to her as a gift also. They are already in the crib waiting for sweet baby Lucas to be born.

Hope Shower

The cookies didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned them but they still were really cute. I gave the cookie cutters to her as a gift at the shower. Here are the cookies we made. I hope one day she and baby Lucas will use the cookie cutters to make cookies together.

Hope Shower 13

Here is a close up of the cookies. Not perfect but perfectly yummy (according to my girls)!

Hope Shower 03

I had a bridal shower for Hope in 2013 and made Lemonade Punch. It immediately became one of her favorite drinks so of course we had to have it at the shower. Here is the recipe. I also made my hot spiced cider. I got this recipe from a friend years ago and it is perfect on a cold winter day.

Hope Shower 13

We had lots of delicious food to eat at the shower. Here are some of the dishes that I served:

Tortilla Roll-ups

Spinach Dip and Crackers

An Assortment of Different Cheeses and Crackers

Pound Cake

Fantasy Fudge

Sausage Balls

Chex Mix

Vegetable Tray

Pumpkin Bread Bites with Cream Cheese

Chicken Wings

Hope Shower 11

My Mom made this Pumpkin Bread and we cut it into bit-sized pieced and covered them with cream cheese.

Hope Shower 04

HOpe Shower 05

Two things that I try to always make for parties: Fudge and Spinach Dip. I made the fudge and my sister-in-law made the spinach dip.

Hope Shower 07

Last month we spent New Year’s with our family in Dahlonega and they served a variety of cheeses and crackers. We really enjoyed trying the different types of cheese and decided we would have that for the shower. Our personal favorite was a Steakhouse Cheese made by Yancey Farms. We served the cheese on a slate board with the names written on it so everyone would know what they were trying.

Hope Shower 09

One of Hope’s favorite things to eat is chicken wings so my husband cooked chicken wings on the smoker and they were a big hit. We had both hot and mild.

Hope Shower 12

Sitting down to enjoy the food.

Hope Shower 14

We played a couple of shower games.

Hope Shower 20

Once everyone got through eating and playing shower games, it was time to open gifts. Hope received so many nice things. Here she is with her best friend Jessica. It is amazing how much stuff you need to care for a tiny little baby!

Hope Shower 15

My sister-in-law’s sister made this adorable sign for Hope. It is already hanging in the baby’s room above the crib.

Hope Shower 16

My girls and Hope. They have always been so close. I know Hope is going to make a great Mom.

Hope Shower 18

Now we’re just waiting. Only a couple of more weeks until the due date. We can’t wait for this precious baby to be born.

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