2014 World’s Longest Yard Sale

Earlier this month we headed over to Alabama to check out the World’s Longest Yard Sale. I had been wanting to go for the past few years but we always had something going on that weekend. This year it worked with our schedule so we loaded up the van with quilts, boxes, and packing material and started our adventure.

I had done some research and knew that while the official sale started on Thursday, many vendors would set up a day or more early so we decided we would start on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure if this would be a good idea or not, but it worked out perfectly. There were lots of folks set up already but there weren’t nearly as many customers as there would be later during the weekend.

We were so excited when we finally saw this sign in Gadsden, Alabama.

Yard Sale 20

As soon as we turned onto the route there truly were yard sales everywhere. They were set up in yards all along the road and on the side roads too. We would find an area with a lot of vendors and park the car and shop. Once we finished shopping in an area we would drive until we found more sellers set up (didn’t have to drive too far!).

We saw pretty old homes and gorgeous mountain scenery along the way.

Yard Sale 3

Some of these folks had some beautiful views from their back yards.

Yard Sale 7

Prices were all over the place. We found some great deals but their were quite a few sellers who were offering things at retail prices. No thank you. We were there for bargains!

Yard Sale 1

So many interesting things to see.

Yard Sale 19

Crafters had booths set up too.

Yard Sale 15

I thought this sign was a clever use of old license plates.

Yard Sale 16

I bet my brother would have bought that Six Million Dollar Man lunch box in the center. They were priced too high for me.

Yard Sale 5

I had my girls with me so of course we had to add to our cat collection. At least these are figurines and not real cats!

Yard Sale 4

I bought four sets of china to sell in my antique booth. Well, probably only three because I may keep this gorgeous pattern, Kutani Crane by Wedgewood. I had never even heard of this pattern before but it is so pretty and different.

Yard Sale 22

You’ve got to have some old Mason jars and Coca Cola crates along the way.

Yard Sale 11

And some Coke signs.

Yard Sale 12

We saw many interesting things for sale. We passed on this display of deer heads. Not our style.

Yard Sale 10

We did a lot of walking because cars were lined up on both sides of the road. Some of these photos are from Thursday and there were definitely more people shopping that day.

Yard Sale 17

Yard Sale 14

Cute idea, planting succulents in muffin tin.

Yard Sale 2

Old cash register toy.

Yard Sale 13

These figurines were displayed in a barn in someone’s yard. It was packed with vintage collectibles.  They had rows and rows of stuff in their barn.

Yard Sale 9

Most people just had tents and trailers like this.

Yard Sale 8

Would we do it again? Absolutely! We had a lot of fun and found so many interesting things. I bought some vintage typewriters (one even types in cursive), china, chenille bedspreads, pyrex, and collectible figurines. My girls were excited to find American Girl dolls and clothes at great prices.

I think we will try the 411 yard sale next though. It is the first weekend in October. I have heard it is even better than then World’s Longest Yard Sale. I will let you know.

Here are my girls with some of our finds.

Yard Sale 21

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  1. anne Rohr says:

    This is great fun. Makes me feel like I was there. Next time we need to tag along. Can’t resist this!!!!

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