Bryant Antiques in Asheville

I recently posted an article about opening an antique booth in Douglasville. I have been busy this last month getting my booth painted, decorated, and stocked full of cool antique and vintage items. While my focus right now may be on my antique business, I still love visiting other antique stores to shop and get ideas for my booth. Last fall I visited Bryant Antiques. Who knew that I would be opening my own antique business just a few short months later.

Bryant Antiques in Asheville, North Carolina is a great antique store with lots of interesting items. It doesn’t look that big from the outside, but it is (9,000 square feet). They have a great variety of items and my girls and I spent quite a bit of time there checking out all of the booths.

It didn’t look that great from the outside, but you can’t judge an antique store by its exterior. My booth is located in an old Kmart building. There’s nothing pretty about it.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 01

There were so many interesting things to see once you went inside.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 02

Look at these old shoes. So cool.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 04

You almost always see spoon collections at antique shops. I wonder how many people still collect them.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 05

It is always interesting to see what people collect.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 06

So many pretty things.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 03

Such a beautiful dogwood pattern tea service. I kind of wish I had bought this one.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 07

A collection of vintage post cards and stamps. I really like these collage displays. I recently purchase a box of vintage postcards and this display gave me some ideas for what to do with them. I could make one or two of these collages and also sell the individual cards for customers to make their own.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 08

A toy fort. Someone probably got a lot of enjoyment out of this toy many years ago.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 09

I showed my daughter this photos and we both wished we had bought this cute mother cat and kitten planter. Last week I sold some milk glass goblets in my booth just like the ones in this photo.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 10

My friend and business partner Anne would love this doll house. She collects this style. I had never seen one that was pink before. She just put one of these style doll houses in our booth.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 11

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 12

They had a whole room full of vintage clothing and several hat displays including this one. Love all the pinks. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear one of these to church? My friend Paula has a daughter who wears vintage hats and clothes almost every Sunday. Such a classy, timeless look.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 14

While we missed out on the cat planter, my daughter did buy this cute cat decoration to go in her room.

Bryant-Asheville-Antiques 13

A few months ago I wrote about these cat knife rests. They came from Bryant’s. While I haven’t used them as knife rests that often, I do have them displayed and I enjoy looking at them on my kitchen window sill.

Spring Table 6

Bryant’s is located at 120 Swannanoa Valley Road in Asheville and they are open seven days a week. I hope to visit them again the next time I am in Asheville.

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