ASO’s Blue and White Family Room by Timothy Corrigan

I have always loved a classic blue and white color scheme in a room and this beautiful room by Timothy Corrigan is an outstanding example of how to use these two colors together. Corrigan decorated the family/living room at this year’s Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Decorators’ Show House.

Atlanta-Symphony-Showhouse 29

Last week I toured the Show House and I wrote an overview about the house on Saturday and yesterday I wrote about one of my favorite rooms in the house. This room is another one of my favorites.

Corrigan was named one of the world’s top talents in architecture and interior design by Architectural Digest magazine and you can see why in this room. He designed most of the furniture, fabrics, and accent pieces included in this space.

All of the walls in this room are covered in one of Corrigan’s beautiful blue and white fabrics. It includes both drapery panels and top treatments. Every single wall. It gives such a dramatic effect especially when you walk in through the double doors beside the outdoor pool. According to Corrigan, “The living room’s arched French doors opening onto the sparkling water of the swimming pool provided the perfect inspiration for a room that is bathed in a sea of blue.”

Atlanta-Symphony-Showhouse 1

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 9 Notice the details on the border of the fabric. Every detail in this room is exquisite.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 11

These stools by the fireplace are made from a gorgeous fabric and have a coordinating trim. They have off-white legs with blue accents.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 4

The sofa and chairs are white with beautiful accent pillows.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 1

A close-up of one of the pillows.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 3

Lovely embroidery detail on the sofa skirt.

Atlanta-Symphony-Showhouse 2

A beautiful rug in softer tones. Notice how he layered the rugs on top of the marble floor.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 13

Corrigan even designed this stunning mirror over the fireplace.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 15

A variety of artwork is displayed throughout the room.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 12

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 5

Corrigan is an extremely talented designer and this room is an excellent example of his work.The room is beautiful and it is worth a trip to the Show House just to see it.

ASO-Show-House-Timothy-Corrigan 8

For more information about the Show House, visit ASO’s Show House website.

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