Fairburn Antique Mall

I enjoy shopping at antique stores and I try to visit antique shops in other cities when I am travelling. When I am home though, I like to visit the Fairburn Antique Mall in Fairburn, Georgia.

I used to work in Peachtree City and would drive by this store on my way to work almost every day. I never shopped there though until my friend Anne opened a booth in the store. She took me there one day and I was hooked. It is my kind of antique store with beautiful china, lots of depression glass, colorful Pyrex, and all kinds of other odds and ends.

When shopping there you can park on West Broad Street, which is the main thoroughfare through downtown Fairburn, or, you can drive around the corner to West Campbellton Street and park behind the store and go in that way. I like the back entrance better because the parking lot is easier to get in and out of and you get to enjoy their pretty outdoor garden decor.

Fairburn Antique 24

My youngest daughter loves this goat family.

Fairburn Antique 22

And I always like flowers in an old wheelbarrow.

Fairburn Antique 23

The store is located in a building that is over 100 years old. It was originally a Ford dealership and later became a hardware store. Linda Hitchcock, the owner of Fairburn Antique Mall, opened the store in its present location in 2010. She has been in the antique business for more than twenty years and originally had her store down the street prior to moving to its current location. Here is the front of the store.

Fairburn Antique 21

Since my friend Anne introduced me to the store, I will show you her booth first. We shop estate sales together and she has a great eye for vintage pieces.

Fairburn Antique 3

I love her collections of old dollhouse furniture.

Fairburn Antique 2

She has an interesting variety of items in her booth. Of course my daughters love this cat plate.

Fairburn Antique 1

This next booth had some pretty, old things. Guess which item I bought?

Fairburn Antique 4

I got the vintage Himark mold. I will probably hang it in my kitchen.

Fairburn Antique 5

I always love a table set with blue and white china. I also like the pale blue table.

Fairburn Antique 6

I really like the way this vintage costume jewelry is displayed. Doesn’t that toy car look cool with the necklace draped across it?

Fairburn Antique 7

Lots more costume jewelry.

Fairburn Antique 8

Pretty yellows and greens.

Fairburn Antique 12

I like this set of yellow Pyrex mixing bowls.

Fairburn Antique 13

More colorful Pyrex. These pieces are so popular these days.

Fairburn Antique 15

A great set of Hardy Boys books. I remember reading these when I was a girl. First I read all of the Trixie Belden books (my favorite), then Nancy Drew, then Hardy Boys. We made lots of trips to the public library.

Fairburn Antique 14

Interesting collection of letters.

Fairburn Antique 16

Ducks, canoe shelves, and taxidermy. I think this is the man section.

Fairburn Antique 17

Wouldn’t these quail salt and pepper shakers look good on a Thanksgiving table?

Fairburn Antique 18

Linda also has a huge section full of mid-century modern furniture. It’s not my style but I know it is popular and appeals to many people these days.

Fairburn Antique 11

Fairburn Antique 10

I like this cute tole lamp.

Fairburn Antique 20

You should stop by the next time you are in or close to Fairburn. Spend some time at the antique store  and then walk down the street for some great pizza and salad at Oz’s Pizza.

Fairburn Antique 25

It’s a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Fairburn Antique 19

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