Junk Day at Woodstock Market

Yesterday when I wrote about visiting Woodstock Market I mentioned that I would be going to their Junk Day today. Well I did and it was a lot of fun. This is an event they hold every month or two. They rent spaces in their parking lot and dealers come and sell all kinds of stuff. They call it Junk Day but I saw lots of nice items. They had a huge variety, something for everyone.

A lot of the items they have are offered at great prices because the dealers are just ready to get rid of them. Several dealers said they were selling things for what they paid for them.

My friend Anne went with me and we found lots of good deals. I got this pretty amber and marble balance scale from Liz. She has a booth inside the store too called Pearls and Treasures.

Junk Day 1

Junk Day 8

Anne bought these bowling pins and I got the shuffleboard pucks. They are from the fifties. Not sure what I will do with them but I have memories of playing shuffleboard in my grandparents’ basement when I was a little girl so I wanted to get them.

Junk Day 2

We each got a few of these spools. They will be fun to repurpose.

Junk Day 3

I bought all of the silverware in this tray. Lots of old pieces. I want to try making some jewelry out of them. I will let you know how they turn out.

Junk Day 4

We both wanted to buy this case full of vintage buttons but it was more than either of us wanted to spend.

Junk Day 6

I liked these pretty plates but didn’t purchase them.

Junk Day 5

More interesting pieces.

Junk Day 7

We spent a couple of hours outside looking at all of the great “junk” but then we went into the store. I couldn’t resist taking more pictures. Lots of Parisian and burlap pieces.

Junk Day 9

Even though I was there last weekend, I saw a lot of things today that I missed last week and I still don’t think I have covered the entire store.

Junk Day 10

More beautiful artwork from Beyond the Mossy Tree.

Junk Day 12

Love the simplicity of this one.

Junk Day 11

This is a great place to find unique items for your home.

Junk Day 13

You know I am a cat person but I really liked this vintage paint-by-number of an Irish Setter.

Junk Day 14

Lots of pretty tablescapes.

Junk Day 15

Junk day was a lot fun. They had an interesting assortment of items for sale and the prices were great. I found a few more treasures that I didn’t show on here including a ceramic rooster, an amber glass rooster, and two bags full of vintage, wooden spools of thread.

I may try to set up my own booth there next month. I will let you know if I decide to do that. Even if I don’t, I want to go back again and find more treasures/junk next month.

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  1. Maria Hanes says:

    Hey Kathy!!
    You bought the shuffle board box from me!! Didn’t know u were famous!! It was great meeting you. I know I hav the sticks somewhere. Will keep looking . I will hav the scorekeeper too for junk day next month.
    Hope to c u there in any capacity .

    • Hey Maria, It was great meeting you too. Junk Day was so much fun. Thanks for looking for those sticks. I hope you can find them soon and hope to see you again next month at Junk Day. Kathy

  2. What a fun day! Sounds like you got lots of wonderful items. I’ll be interested to see how you repurpose your spools. I have tons of old silverplated silverware that I keep hanging onto for art projects that never happen. I think I must lack the creativity to see the potential. Enjoyed your post on Junk Day!

  3. It was so much fun that it just charges me up for the next one!!!

  4. What a fun day of junking, and with a girlfriend–doesn’t get any better than that. You found some treasures :) Visiting via Wow Us Wed., Diana

  5. We were so glad to have you back! Thanks for posting. Your pictures are lovely!!

    • Thanks Karen. Junk day was a lot of fun. We are planning on coming back next month. We may even have to get our own booth. Kathy

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