Vintage Japanese Bird Lamps

Last month I went to an incredible estate sale and bought some beautiful things including…..a piano! What a great find. It was in excellent condition and the lady who owned it said that they used the same person to tune their piano that Elton John uses. I’ve been wanting to buy a piano for a while. My daughters have been wanting to take lessons. But as much as I love antique and vintage items, I didn’t want an antique piano, I wanted one that sounds good and one that doesn’t have keys that stick. And that’s what I got. But anyway, I am getting distracted.

Two of the other things that I found at this sale were these beautiful vintage Japanese bird lamps.

Orange Lamp 3

Don’t you just love the detail? The delicacy of it?

I don’t usually use orange in my decorating, but I was immediately attracted to these lamps. They are absolutely beautiful.

Orange Lamp 2

I placed them on the buffet in my foyer as soon as I got home.The basket next to them was full of Christmas tree limbs and pine cones. The lamps did not come with shades so I purchased these at Garden Ridge. I think they may be a bit too small but I can swap them out for larger ones later.

 I had been using a couple of buffet lamps that I purchased at Kirkland’s a few years ago but now that I have been shopping at more estate and yard sales, I knew I wanted something different there. I was just waiting to find the right lamps.

I found the right lamps.

They have a nice dark wood base. The artwork is so pretty.

Orange Lamp 4

They each have the original small red “Made in Japan” sticker on the bottoms of them that indicates that they are old. I haven’t been able to find anything like them yet on the Internet that would give me a better idea of exactly how old they might be. I will keep looking though. Don’t you love to know the history of things?

I’ve got to decide now what else I want to display on my buffet. The items I had there before do not go with these lamps.

Orange Lamp 6

I will definitely keep my eyes open because you never know when you might find a treasure. I sure wasn’t expecting these…..or a piano.

Orange Lamp 5

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    1. Thanks Tamyra. I have thought about putting them in one of our bedrooms. I am sure at some point I will try them out in a different room.

  1. Just beautiful I think they are around the 1940’s more late than early, I love all sorts of asian items from this era I just bought from a vintage (made in Japan Lamp) and I am also researching information about my lamp. I fel there are lots of people who would love to own your 2 lamps good taste and good eye.

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