Yard Sale Art and My Powder Room

You know how sometimes your plans just don’t turn out the way you intend them to? Well that was the case with my powder room. My favorite color is green and when I built my house I decided I wanted my powder room to be sage green, one of my favorite shades of green. So I picked the color Clary Sage from Sherwin Williams and painted it that color.

But I never liked it. It looked too flat and dull.  I liked the idea of sage green so much that  I also painted my dining room that color but I didn’t like it in there either. After a couple of years I finally repainted the dining room but it wasn’t until this year that I got around to making changes in my powder room.

I follow a lot of different blogs and I kept seeing the color Comfort Gray appearing in rooms that I really liked. Reviews that I read said that it could look blue or green depending on the colors you used in a room. It seemed like it might be the perfect color so I decided I would try it in my powder room. Well you know what? When I painted the room that color, it looked very similar to the Clary Sage. It was almost like I had painted it the same color again. But the difference was that the Comfort Gray while similar, had more warmth to it. It made the room look brighter and more polished. It was like the old color except much better.

So that’s the color I chose. Now let’s move on to how I decided to decorate it.

I am a huge fan of yard sales and this year I was so excited to attend the “Upscale Yard Sale” hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Rhoda Vickers of southernhospitalityblog.com. It was an invitation only yard sale. Have you ever heard of anything like that? I immediately sent her my email address so that I would be invited.

I couldn’t wait to see what she would have at her yard sale. This lady has a beautifully decorated home and I was eager to see what things she no longer wanted. I told my children about it and they wanted to go too. We headed over to Cobb County, Georgia and we were not disappointed. She was hosting it with two other ladies, another blogger and an interior decorator, and it was so much fun. She had so many pretty things and we ended up making several trips to the car to load all of our treasures. When we got home we went to her website and found several of the items we purchased featured on her blog. My girls thought that was so cool.

Two of the items that I purchase were these charming bird paintings done in 1954.

powder room 1


They were painted on what looked almost like brown craft paper. It adds such a unique element to the paintings.

powder room 3

 I bought them with no real idea where I would hang them. I just knew that I liked them. Once I painted the powder room though, I realized they would look perfect in there. And they do. I have them hanging on either side of the door. They can only be seen once you step inside the powder room.

I purchased these next two paintings at a yard sale years ago (please excuse the glare). I love the old frames and the charming prints. The frames are chipped in several places and I think this just adds to their appearance. I had had them for so long but had never used them. Their colors look perfect with the new Comfort Grey.

powder room 6

powder room 5

powder room 4

This last painting is huge and I know my husband must have thought I was crazy when I took it off of my dining room wall and moved it to the powder room. It is the first thing you see when you open the door and for some reason it’s huge scale works perfectly in this small space. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It is wider than the doorway.

powder room 7

powder room 8

I love my powder room now. I still want to add a couple of things including a shelf under the mirror and maybe another painting or two, but then I don’t know if you ever actually finish decorating a room. They can always be improved. I think we need to enjoy and appreciate what we have but be open to new things too.

And on that note, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.


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  1. Kathy, what a great job you have done with the powder room. I positively adore the art you rehung from your dining room! Fabulous decision!

    • Thanks Tamyra. I think I had used that piece of art in my dining room for almost twenty years and now I love it in the powder room.

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