Snowy Christmas Craft


What inspires you for Christmas? Are you a traditionalist with greens and reds? Or do you prefer more contemporary colors?

I have seen a lot of white decorations this year and I love that winter wonderland feeling they invoke.

Have you put out any Christmas decorations yet? Or have you possibly put out all of your Christmas decorations?

I am trying to wait until after Thanksgiving but it is hard.

In the meantime here is a Christmas craft I made last week.

Christmas Village 01

It was quite simple. I painted a dollar store Christmas village church white and covered it with white glitter.

Christmas Village 03

I found a few pine cones and pine needles in the woods and sprayed them with Krylon white glitter paint. It wasn’t white enough or glittery enough so I added more white glitter while the paint was wet.


I filled the bottom of the glass jar with fake snow and placed the village piece, pine needles, and pine cones inside the jar. Wait, it was too crowded with the pine cones in the jar so I placed the jar on a crystal platter and surrounded it with the pine cones.

Christmas Village 07

Remember, I said it was simple.


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