Needlework Creations

Years ago many women filled their hours making embroidery and needlework creations for their homes. From samplers to pillowcases, napkins, and more, this art built wedding dowries and enhanced the beauty of homes.

Some people are fortunate enough to have embroidered items that have been passed down through the years from previous generations. For others there are yard sales, estate sales, ebay, etsy, and other sources for finding these beautiful pieces.

A couple of years ago I was at a yard sale and found this super-cute piece. I think it was probably made in the 50s or 60s. These vibrant colors are back in style now.

Embroidry 1

Look at the detail in the bird.


When I turned it over, I saw that it must have been a gift from one friend to another. It is signed with the artist’s name and one simple word, “Enjoy.” I am sure this piece was enjoyed for many years by someone and now I get to enjoy it too.

Embroidery 3

One of my favorite pieces that I own is this pillow. I think it is so pretty. I especially love the yellow flowers in the background. Think of how many hours went into making this beautiful piece.

Embroidery 4

Embroidery 5

Embroidery 6

It was a gift from my mother’s best friend Ann. Ann loved to cross stitch and made many pieces for herself, family, and friends. She passed away several years ago. I am glad so many of us have these treasured pieces to remember her by.

Ann gave this to me as a graduation gift in 1986. I displayed it for a few years and then I put it away to preserve its beauty. Recently I pulled it out again and have been enjoying looking at it almost every day on the sofa in my home office.

I have decided that I am going to take the pillow apart and have the embroidery framed. Now that it is on my sofa with people leaning on it and using as a functional pillow, I worry that it will get damaged or stained. I think it will look beautiful framed and hanging on the wall.

Last summer I was at a yard sale in Lithia Springs. They had more than a dozen framed cross stitch pieces for sale and they were gorgeous. They were colorful, detailed, and displayed in beautiful frames. I started talking to the lady and found out that she used to work for a company that made cross stitch patterns. Once they designed a pattern, they would have her cross stitch and frame them. They would then be photographed and used in magazines, advertisements, and packaging.

She had retired and had gotten to keep all of the items she had made. Here are a couple of the pieces I purchased.

These two samplers in blue and white (love all the interesting details and colors):



Embroidery 7

Girl in blue (so intricate):



Embroidery 11

I also bought a box full of cross stitch kits for my children. What an exciting find.

I am blessed to have the best of both worlds, treasured pieces from dear friends and yard sale finds. I enjoy and appreciate them both.

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