Fabric Bulletin Board

I have seen fabric covered bulletin boards many times and always thought they looked like they would be fun to make. So here is my version.

First I started with this yard sale find. It was a very faded Monet print in a very pretty frame. I simply removed the print, matting, and glass.

Fabric Board 01

I chose this fun fabric for the bulletin board.

Fabric Board 02

Here are some of the materials I used.


I probably should have used a different kind of paint. While I like the color, it took four or five coats to cover the old color.



I wrapped the batting and the fabric around the cardboard that was already in the frame. Once I had it lined up straight, I stapled it all the way around. Use the smaller staples or they will go all the way through and show on your finished project. Insert the fabric-covered board into the frame and that is it.


You are then ready to hang it.




  1. That looks very pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi there Kathy! Just stopping by to say hello. Blog looks great! It was great seeing you on Saturday.

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